avoiding dangers lowers risk of becoming a werewolf

What if your friend tells you her or she is a werewolf? What should you do? And what is the likelihood you can become a werewolf during your normal day? Here are some tips, suggestions, and places that are risky for humans to encounter a werewolf. Not all humans want to become a werewolf and most would not want to become an evil one! So here are some tips for humans…

For most humans it can be hard to believe for the first time, so first thing to do if you are human is not to react in a crazy manner and don’t be surprised to here about it. You actually might be dealing with a real case of a human with the curse and if you do react negatively or drastically you could put the werewolf in a bad mood, make him angry, or even scare him or her off, most humans don’t want to see a werewolf with bad temper. So, before you try to discredit him or her and make them mad or scare them away, see if you can help diagnose them, that is, if they come to you seeking help or answers to find out if they really are one. Sometimes a real werewolf is just looking for someone who they can confide in, someone who can keep a secret.

What are the chances you are dealing with a friend who is a werewolf? Well, chances increase under certain conditions and at certain times.Becoming a werewolf while at school is rare, so if you spend most of your time at school you have a less chance of being afflicted by the curse, but it is not impossible, there is an exception for night schoolers- your chances increase!

However, some social situations carry a greater risk of becoming bitten; for example, you do have a greater chance of being bitten if you are out late at night, especially during the full moon. But the full moon does not have to be up for you to become cursed. There are cases of catching the curse of the werewolf on any night no matter if the full moon is high or not, but your chances increase the later you are out on any night. Why? Because most werewolves are creatures of the night so at nighttime is the best chance to find a fully transformed werewolf. Keep in mind the transformation will last well into the early morning hours, so after the moon has risen, rule of thumb is to stay in a group if you are going to be out, and stay in a well lit and crowded area. This rule might not 100% stop an attack but it will atleast help a little by keeping you more calm and collected if an attack were to happen especially because you will not be alone.

Also, never forget that the more mischievous the people you hang out with, the more of a chance you have of encounteringkeep out sign a wolf. Since mischievous kids hang out in groups causing trouble and often go to deserted areas to cause this trouble you’re risking an evil affliction of the curse. Why evil? Well, this is a wolf that you don’t want to encounter, the ones who attack groups of kids causing trouble because the fact is that most werewolves who do bite humans are evil werewolves and this trait can be passed on to you if you are bitten by an “evil” werewolf. So if you are looking for a way to become bitten this is not a good choice or way to go about it because the curse that random werewolves carry is too great of risk for  human. The werewolf might have the “evil” disease, and for most human bodies this a curse so strong it can be hard to handle and control; more than likely this will become an evil affliction.

So, if your friend does tell you they are  a werewolf find out where and when they got bitten (assuming it’s a bite) and judge whether they were bitten by a possible evil wolf. If your frined was bitten by a evil werewolf you should take great caution while alone with your “new” werewolf friend.

Main thing to do if your friends tells you they are a werewolf is to remain calm, ask some questions, but don’t be too pushy. If they don’t want to answer some questions they don’t have to, just give them some space and some time. Give them the benefit if the doubt.



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  1. Even tho your a little older than me, you are still way to young to be thinking of that stuff. You still have your whole in front of you. Anything can happen. My last relationship, that I thought would last forever, ended because he thought I was cheating on him(which I wasn’t). So don’t get your hopes up. Sorry if that was rude but it’s true.

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    *not the werewolf, my gf….

  3. We kinda figured that.

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    Awww, that sucks. but i dont think you know who long ive known her. its been a long time. since 2006, weve been friends. ive been dating her for a year, already. if she was going to break up with me, wouldnt she go to one of the other 21 boys who like her? and shes truthful, soooo, id know if she was cheating on me, and shes not a double-dater. if she wants to break up with me, id be fine. theres backups. i wanna see, if i ever have the chance, id change her by having her sleep under the full moon. she has sleepovers on her birthday, every year. heheh. lets hope its a full moon. then i can probably get her on the site… muahahahaha. lets just hope she doesnt cyber-beat me up xD.

  5. lonewolf123 says:

    is ur name ashley, by any chance?

  6. No. It’s Kaylee. You can call me by my username or by KK.

  7. lonewolf123 says:

    Kaylee? kaylee padgett? for some reason, u sound familiar… i do not know why, but you do.

  8. lonewolf123 says:

    Were the K’s of america, woah. were the K’s of america, woah!

  9. Sierra says:

    Anybody in Columbia s.c willing to add a pack member??

  10. morgrid says:

    i found this site just from a google search … listen up all real wolfs and leeches if you out there(yea thats right vamps i called you a leech …id tell you to bite me but you might try … just be happy im including you) heres a lil heads up if your stupid enough to id yourselves on the net you better erase your traces and leave town asap cause your likely on every hunters list and government list in the area cause it very easy to trace ppl on the net hell …the web page designer could very well be a hunter and this could very well be his or her trap to id you …and to any hunters reading this go ahead and waste your time tracing me down cause im human

    • Midnight & Brian says:


      Sorry… that would be typical Midnight. He is extra talkative tonight as it is 4 days away from the full moon ( To be more specific, our moon), and We are a species called a dew werewolf, which means I can talk to him. Sorry about that

  11. ArgentineBlood says:

    @Werewolf967 Interesting topic, most of the information is true. I like the way you write, by the way.

  12. Accalia J (The Ember wolfpack member) says:

    Im part of the Ember wolfpack… we have 4 alphas (including me) and 3 betas, so we are relatively strong. We are planning to fight the evil White fire wolf pack… but we need help because we have lost 4 wolfs to them in a matter of weeks!! PLEASE HELP US!

  13. original hybrid says:

    sorry but thry cant kill me that eaily so they can try all they want

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