Awesome Werewolf Costume Pics

awesome-werewolf-costume-picsThis Halloween, werewolf costumes were more popular than ever! If you’re a human looking for inspiration for next Halloween (or for any time of year!), check out some of these pictures…looks like the method of choice was makeup to achieve the werewolf-y look. I must say however, masks can do a fantastic job of it too, as shown in a couple of the photos below!

My hungry little werewolf. Happy Halloween! #halloween #werewolf #werewolfcostume #fauxfur #costumemaking

A photo posted by Ginger Haddock (@fernbirdfrocks) on

Rawr 🐶 quick werewolfy look for work today! 💜

A photo posted by Danni Paterson (@dannipaterson) on

Werewolf taxiride. #halloweencostume #halloween #taxi #werewolf #werewolfcostume #dublin #trickortreat

A photo posted by Davida Murray (@davdo11) on

When you're not the hairest one in the family anymore! #halloween #werewolves

A photo posted by Swedish mini sausage dog (@hugoinhipsterville) on

Happy Halloween! #werewolves #werewolf #werewolfmakeup #halloweenmakeup

A photo posted by karalee acito (@karalee_acito) on

My werewolf makeup from Purim #werewolfcostume #werewolfmakeup #costumemakeup #halloweenmakeup

A photo posted by Viki Grinboym (@vikigrinboym) on

Akilah was looking pretty cool tonight #werewolfcostume #werewolf

A photo posted by Aleta🍀 (@aletabonita) on



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