Backstreet Boys turn into werewolves!?

Backstreet Boys and werewolves? Seem unlikely? Yeah, that’s what I thought!! But the Backstreet Boys – or at least one of them – does indeed turn into a werewolf in their music video Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)! The song was released back in 1997 on the album Backstreet’s Back and is one of the songs the Backstreet Boys is most well known for.

The music video is staged to appear as though it’s straight out of a horror movie. In it, the Boys visit a haunted mansion, and in horror movie fashion, the mansion is truly terrifying. As they settle in, each Backstreet Boys manages to get to sleep, only to “transform” into someone else in their dreams…

Fangs emerge, claws come out, and eyes glisten as the boys revel in their transformed states. Brian dreams that he’s a werewolf, Kevin dreams that he is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, AJ dreams that he is the Phantom of the Opera, Nick dreams that he’s a mummy, and Howie dreams that he’s a vampire.

Here’s the music video – Enjoy! šŸ™‚



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