Big Bang Theory debates if Werewolves can Swim

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is obsessed with werewolves! In Episode 13, Season 8 of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon interrupts the girls who are sitting drinking wine and talking and tries to figure out what “girl talk” actually is. Somehow in his Sheldon way, he manages to segway the conversation into werewolves!

Penny: Sheldon, we are just people, we talk about the same things you guys talk about.

Sheldon: You talk about if werewolves can swim?

From there the debate on werewolves being able to swim rages on.

Sheldon claims if werewolves can swim depends on if the human could swim before he was bitten.
Amy’s view is that since canines instinctively know how to swim, werewolves should also have the same ability. Bernadette’s rebuttal to all this is that werewolves are not 100% canine, they’re only partially canine, therefore they may not necessarily have the instinctive swimming trait.

If you’re watching the episode (The Anxiety Optimization) you can see the full werewolf debate starting at minute 12:00.

This is not the first time werewolves have come up in Big Bang Theory – in Season 5, The Werewolf Transformation – werewolves were also featured! Will werewolves be the focus of more episodes?




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