Bigfoot captured on tape in Idaho?

Recently ABC News did an interview with some high school students that think that they may have captured Bigfoot on tape!

The Yeti caught on tape!?
Why did the news actually pick up on this video that most news stations would have cast off as just a hoax? There were a few things that made this particular Bigfoot sighting newsworthy – first, and most importantly, the would-be-discoverers actually caught the creature on tape!  Apparently when they saw what they thought was an unusual creature, they pulled out their cellphone and started videotaping.  The video is fairly clear, and you can definitely see a creature moving amongst the brush.  It appears to be a large, human shaped figure walking on two legs.  Unfortunately however, because of the distance, all the details of the creature are obscured by blackness and shadow, so it is fairly impossible to tell what the creature is.  Unlike other video footage however, it does not appear that the video here is purposely obscure, but rather the videographer was simply not close enough to actually get more detail of the creature on tape.

Discoverers don’t want the noteriety
The other interesting thing about this sighting is that the high school students requested that their faces and identities not be made public. This does lend a bit more credence to the claim, in that typically hoax makers want their name, website, or likeness spread wide and far in order to gain some celebrity from their hoax. Also, another point in their favor is that the videographers are not exactly claiming it’s a bigfoot – they are simply saying it’s something unusual….which it is. They seem to want viewers to decide for themselves.
So is it real?
It’s hard to say. The viewers were high school students which could mean they’re trying to pull a prank. The video is also too distant to get a clear viewing of what exactly it is.  And finally, the area is not known particularly for bigfoot sightings, so what would a bigfoot be doing there?

Real or not? You be the judge…here’s the news report…you can skip to about 11 seconds into the video to see the actual footage…



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