Birther Argument results in President making new law

“I can’t help it, I was born this way”.
Can this argument be true for werewolves?
The birther argument: Can werewolves become werewolves by birth?

Yes, werewolves can become werewolves by birth. It’s a rare occurrence, but does exist. Often, becoming a werewolf by birth requires a certain series of events in a specific order to occur. For example, some Brazilian and Portuguese legends say that if you are born the seventh son in a line of sons, then you will become a werewolf. Werewolves of this sort are considered “cursed” – first because they have no choice in the matter for their not being completely human by birth, and second because the humans they are born to see them as Damned. This belief is not taken lightly, and in fact is so seriously believed, that the seventh son in a line of sons was often abandoned at birth – or in other cases even sacrificed – because the son was considered to have the “curse” of the werewolf.


President makes new law becoming Godfather to Werewolves

In Argentina and Paraguay the fear of having a seventh son was so prevalent, that the government stepped in with radical measures. In the 1920s, Argentina passed a law stating that the President of the Nation would become the godfather of any seventh son – the hope was that anyone that gave birth to a seventh son, and feared he might be a werewolf (or lobisón as called in Argentina), would overlook this in favor of the honor of having the President be the godfather of their son. Because the president was the godfather, these children would also receive a gold medal at their baptism and then also have their education paid for through their 21st birthday. Today, this tradition still continues, and seventh sons are not as feared as they once were. This does not mean the “curse” went away, but rather, people now choose to ignore it. And, as generations go on, the honor of having the President of the country be the godfather of their child is wiping out the memory of the lobisón for many.

But there are some that still believe strongly this is one way to become a werewolf by birth, and no matter what honors the government gives these children, they are still “cursed” to be a werewolf.



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12 Responses

  1. alpha says:

    I was born a wolf and I dont see it as a curse at all ,but its chalenging with a lot of humans around all of the time and instints are telling you to rip them apart

  2. StormRunner says:

    That’s why you learn to control your insticts.

  3. alpha says:

    contoling instinctes is one thing humans piss me off

  4. alpha says:

    Humans could do a lot better if thay would not try to distroy everything thay get there hands on. If thay would change there ways thay would be ok

  5. StormRunner says:

    Fyi: not all humans are evil or destructive. Some actually try to help the world we live in. They try to help solve the problems on the world that you and I both live in. Werewolf or not, actually try to show some respect to the people that try to make this world a better place.

  6. alpha says:

    Maybe so but I have yet to see any but this is alaska but maybe else were?

  7. StormRunner says:

    I could possibly understand what you’re talking about since you’re in Alaska. Seems life a tough lifestyle up there.

  8. alpha says:

    Thats the under statmentment of the centry

  9. Lee Ann says:

    Your own actions and the way you talk to people isn’t influenced by where you came from. Respect is a global thing where one being respects the other and visa versa. If you can’t have at least an ounce of it, don’t bother talking.

  10. StormRunner says:

    Very true.

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