Blood squirts out of the eyes of the Texas Horned Lizard!

Yes, you read that right! The Texas Horned Lizard – which is a reptile that lives in the southern United States (including Texas) and Northern Mexico – can squirt blood from its eyes….and humans think werewolves are strange and unlikely?!

Apparently what happens is when this lizard is under threat, it (like many creatures) will try to scare off the predator.  It will try to make itself appear very large (by puffing itself up) and it will also try to hide itself in its surrroundings with its natural camouflage! It may even try to hide itself underground by digging itself into the sand or dirt.  If a human captures it, it will often even play dead, trying to fool the human into thinking it is no longer alive!

texas horned lizardWhen these things don’t work, the Texas Horned Lizard will try yet another unusual and bizarre trick to defend itself – it will send out a shot of its own blood! Blood vessels around the eye of the lizard rupture and squirt whatever predator is after it. Predators (specifically canines) are often repelled and leave the lizard alone because the blood it squirts has a repellant chemical that is especially distasteful to canines (including wolves and coyotes).

If you live in an area where the Texas Horned Lizard might live, you can find them best around ant hills, as they love to eat harvester ants.  Just don’t bring your dog, or you may find it shooting its own blood straight at your pet!

Although these lizards do not typically shoot their blood at humans, it’s  been suggested that this lizard may be able to detect the wolf quality of werewolves, and squirt its blood eye at a human it suspects is a werewolf – making it perhaps a living werewolf detector.



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