Blood-sucking Fiends

There are the pretty vampires.
There are the handsome vampires.
There are the vampires that more than anything resemble humans…
and then there are the fiendish blood-suckers that stalk the night.

The scary, evil-grinning, dark robed, hooded creatures of nightmares. These are the blood-sucking fiends that romances like Twilight steer clear of. The ones that are addicted to sucking blood and just can’t stop. The ones that make children – and adults – shiver when they’re home alone at night. They’re evil, and devilish, and closer to goblins than to humans. They do not grow old with wisdom or any kind of grace. The older they get the more fiendish they get, ever-dedicated on fulfilling their own desires….blood.

Nothing can stop a fiend from quenching his cravings. Not even the possibility of death. Resistance to a fiend’s attacks are futile because of this very fact – the fiend care more about blood than about his own life. His one mission is to fill the hole deep within his soul, and the possibility of any dangers that could lead to his own death means nothing so long as he can suck blood.



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