British Werewolf Sightings linked to Hexham Heads

It started with the Wolves of Hexham

The Wolves of Hexham were a mysterious case of sightings that occurred right around 1904 in the town of Hexham in Northumberland, England. As legend and history say, local farmers started finding their sheep and livestock slaughtered. Investigations showed that the sheep exhibited signs that they had actually been attacked by a wolf due to the fact that there were bite marks in the neck and legs. The town went into a panic, locking everything down at night, making every attempt possible to capture the wolf. At first they were unsuccessful, and some started to doubt it was even a wolf that they were after – the term werewolf started to be floated…. But then, on December 29, a wolf was spotted, shortly thereafter, a wolf body was found just west of Hexham. The town hoped that it was indeed their wolf, however more attacks were discovered and it seemed more and more apparent that the wolf body found was not the one terrorizing their town. The townspeople started organizing more efforts to find and destroy the wolf, but the Russo-Japanese War started taking center stage in the newspaper, and everyone became preoccupied with that news…and then, just like that, the attacks stopped!

Then Hexham Heads found in 1972

Hexham Heads PictureFast forward to 1972. A couple of local boys in Hexham were weeding their yard when they dug up to ancient-looking carved stone heads, the size of tennis balls. Some theorized they were ancient Celtic heads. Shortly after they dug the heads up, sightings of a half man-half wolf started. A local, Dr. Ann Ross, who had taken an interest in the stone head discover, soon had a sighting of the beast herself, in her words:

It was about six feet high, slightly stooping, and it was black, against the white door, and it was half animal and half man. The upper part, I would have said, was a wolf, and the lower part was human and, I would have again said, that it was covered with a kind of black, very dark fur. It went out and I just saw it clearly, and then it disappeared, and something made me run after it, a thing I wouldn’t normally have done, but I felt compelled to run after it. I got out of bed and I ran, and I could hear it going down the stairs, then it disappeared towards the back of the house.

Her teenage daughter reported a very similar sighting.

Hexham Heads Disappear

It was eventually hypothesized that the sightings of the half man-half wolf were linked with the stone heads which had been sent to the British Museum for display. It is said that because of “unexplained” and “mysterious” occurrences the heads were pulled from display.  So do the Hexham Heads have some kind of power or are they linked to some type of creature?  It’s unclear as they heads have completely disappeared and noone knows where they are now.  One interesting thing worth noting however, is that they town of Hexham has very old roots.  In fact, Hexham Abbey was founded in 674!! and it’s crypt is built in part from ancient Roman ruins.  It is therefore not too far fetched that an ancient relic would be unearthed in someone’s yard….



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  1. kewl weird but kewl

  2. Do you maybe mean cool?Or are you just born that why?

  3. Lee Ann says:

    @april oliver yup pretty kewl 😛 kinda freaky though

  4. Lee [email protected] I was going through the site and noticed that there was another someone with the same picture as you.

  5. Lee Ann says:

    Ya I sometimes use a different name.

  6. I think she was born that “why”.

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    lol totally

  8. I can’t disagree with that.

  9. Kelly (just is) says:

    Techniclly you could, and present the argument of nature vs nurture but you choose not too.

  10. Do you want to go from Kelly(Just is) to Kelly(just was)?

  11. Lee Ann says:

    @velix hollow. I strongly suggest you do not threaten Kelly.

  12. Sorry,I drank too much red bull and was dancing.It makes me very moody and out of control.

  13. mr happy says:

    i happen to be a lycanthrope so my guess is it’s probably me!

  14. lonewolf123 says:

    @Mr happy: what?

  15. Very good info. Lucky me I recently found your site by
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  16. J says:

    I lived 10 miles from hexham around this time and we got hexham courant and I can’t remember this, I am a farmer we did have some weird freaky stuff happen for a few years, never saw anything only the aftermath. Before. You ask I am not going to say what they were.

  17. Iceni says:

    I lived in Acomb just up the road from Hexham in the 60s and there were a lot of very high strangeness things happening then, Really weird stuff.
    No werewolves though.

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