Cage of Death lures thrillseekers into crocodile infested waters to face fears!

cage of deathThe Cage of Death pits you against….no, not werewolves – crocodiles!

In a totally twisted “animal viewing” experience, Australia’s Crocodile Cove created what’s called the “Cage of Death” – a large see-through container which is lowered into a pool of water inhabited by gigantic saltwater crocodiles. Considered a “crocodile dive”, one or two people are allowed to go into the container at a time, and each experience lasts about 15 minutes total. The crocodiles swim freely in their enclosure and the only thing protecting you from the massive crocs is a thin acrylic barrier. Sound terrifying? For many people it is!

The Cage of Death is located at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin City, Australia.



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