Calculating a werewolf’s age

Do werewolves age? Does a werewolf age faster than a human? Do werewolves age slower than other animals? Does a werewolf stop aging like a vampire?

The topic of the aging process of a werewolf is controversial, everyone has an opinion on this topic!

Aging Faster?

People who think that werewolves tend to age faster than humans take this position from the experiences they have as a werewolf. With the weight of a werewolf comes the transformation process, this process does take a physical toll on the human body and the mind. The extreme conditions during tranformation can cause the body and mind to age (semingly) faster than a normal human. But werewolves should not consider this a proper way to gauge your age in human years. Even though transforming does put stress to the body this stress can be counter soothed by healthy lifestyle practices. For example, when an athlete trains and becomes physically stronger in his (or her) attempt to play a physically exhausting sport their participation in this sport does not mean (necessarily) that they will die at an earlier age. Proper techniques for caring for the body ( and mind) during for post physically exhausting activities is essential to recovery. Many athletes take a break from exhausting activities and allow time for recovery, the werewolf is not exception. The werewolf must allow time after the transformation for the mind and the body to heal itself before the next shift. The natural period between shifts is (just one reason) why a natural transformation comes only once a month, the body mind and soul cannot handle the type of demands of shifting more than the natural cycle. Those who do shift more than their natural cycle do open the window to an unhealthy and faster aging lifestyle and like an other (unhealthy) lifestyle it will come with consequences.

Aging slower?

This is in the mind. Werewolves do not age slower than humans do. What gives us an impression that a werewolf would age slower than a human is the life experience that the werewolf goes through in the mind and body. The mind becomes more accustomed to decision making, to making choices at an earlier age, to suffering consequesces at an earlier age, all of this gives the werewolf more life experience (sometimes at an early age) than a normal human. With experience comes wisdom. But don’t let this wisdom get to your head, even though you know many of the ins and outs of life before your human friends do you are still at the same disadvantage as the human is when it comes to aging. As for the body, the aging process of the body does not slow down when you shift, consider the shift a disadvantage if you do not follow proper safeguards during and after shifts.


Possibly the most well known of the aging process, brought to you by popular culture. Consider the immortality of a werewolf a myth. We are all born, live, then die; it’s a cycle we all go through. Werewolves and humans are animals who abide by this cycle.

So how do you calculate the age of a werewolf? Look in the mirror! If you are not happy with how you look and how you are aging, if you think that the shift or something else is making you age faster than normal than it’s time for a lifestyle change! Remember you are always in control of your shift and post shift, take care of yourself and time will take care of you too.



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43 Responses

  1. nightwolf says:

    *elderwerewolf… bad

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @realwerewolf 14: Most humans don’t live past 100, and wolves have even shorter lifespans, so where on Earth did you get that number from?
    There is no change in lifespan. How to calculate a werewolf’s age? Use a mathematics and your birthdate.
    Intelligence. Please use it people.

  3. Lycanhope says:

    @nightwolf: Don’t listen to elderwerewolf, he’s bogus.

  4. Brandon says:

    I’m completely fine with this. :I

  5. nightwolf says:

    @lycanhope: :/ dang shorter life span huh? that whomps….oh well just got to go make my life awsome 🙂 and yah i kinda thought that when he said werewolfs did their own den…i never did that and if i did i would finish because i finish stuff i start

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @nightwolf: Since we’re human most of the time we abide by that lifespan, so don’t rent a grave just yet.

  7. nightwolf says:

    @lycanhope: lol “rent a grave” idk why but thats funny to me….maybe its cause when jesus comes back i’m leaving the grave…idk though it just strikes me as funny

  8. Lycanhope says:

    First thing that popped into my mind when I read that. That probably makes me a bad person.

  9. nightwolf says:

    @lycanhope:lol thats funny

  10. Annie says:

    You need to prove you are a real live werewolf. Getting ready to publish another article which will have some mention of werewolves as the news recently stated about a county that guarding their goats from a werewolf. Maybe have a vampire prove they are one, make a great article. Want to see the article will be out in the morning. I’m clicking the link to notify with follow up comments so leave a message asking for the link and maybe I could interview you for a story make a great article of course we could leave your identity out. I’m not afraid of a werewolf.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Annie: And we need to prove what we are to you why exactly? Who the hell are you? What credentials do you have to demand things from people?
    Please do elaborate oh master, thank ya kindly sir.

  12. morgrid says:

    i found this site just from a google search … listen up all real wolfs and leeches if you out there(yea thats right vamps i called you a leech …id tell you to bite me but you might try … just be happy im including you) heres a lil heads up if your stupid enough to id yourselves on the net you better erase your traces and leave town asap cause your likely on every hunters list and government list in the area cause it very easy to trace ppl on the net hell …the web page designer could very well be a hunter and this could very well be his or her trap to id you …and to any hunters reading this go ahead and waste your time tracing me down cause im human

  13. morgrid says:

    don’t get me wrong i love werewolves, would love to be one and i like the site its very entertaining but seriously think about it

  14. morgrid says:

    again im not trying to piss in anyone’s water… no pun intended lol but you never really know and we’re talking life and death here

  15. Lee Ann says:

    @morgrid: obvious troll is obvious. Next please.

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @Lee Ann: Yeah, just looking at this guy and the nopack guy…not touching these, they might get me diseased with stupid.

  17. Morgrimm says:

    I feel this is incorrect, the healing properties of a werewolf are quick, the stress on their body would heal easily. They’re lifespan MAY be shortened if they are constantly in danger, or in dangerous situations. They were said to have had longer lives than humans when they first appeared becase people had short lifespans then , werewolves in general live to about the age of 120 to 130 now days, their lifespan hasn’t changed because werewolves are afraid of being caught. But now there arent really people commonly hunting werewolves, but food supply is much different so less are hunting actual people except for rual or deserted areas.

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Moegrimm: Don’t think a single thing you said there was correct. Good job.

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