Call of Night app: sunrise, moonrise and more!

There’s a new app out in the app store that could be a night creature’s best friend – it’ called the Call of Night made by Jebs Apps, LLC.  So is it an app a shifter might like?  We recently tried out Call of Night, and here’s what we think:

What it’s about:
When you open the app a one page screen comes up divided into four sections – Location, Sunrise, Sunset, and Moon.  Each section lists the important times of night for that section.  You’ll want to start by putting in your location in the top section, then all times in the app are customized to where you’re at.

What we like:

  • You get all the key times in the night including twilight, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset at your customizable location.
  • The moon section also gives the current moon phase, along with a nice picture of what the moonphase looks like.
  • You aren’t just limited to the current day’s stats.  You can swipe your finger across the app to go to any day (past or future) to get all the stats for that day.
  • The settings section allows you to adjust the app’s wallpaper to a theme of your choice including; bat, coffin, glowing moon, glowing sky, moon bite, vampire, witch, black, white, or random

call of night screenshotcall of night app

What could be improved:

  • The font is a little small (probably on purpose in order to fit everything onto one screen.)  It would be nice however to be able to adjust the font to a larger setting if desired.

The Call of Night is a simple yet effective app specifically designed for anyone (vampires, werewolves, night owls 😉 ) that wants to know the key times of night.  It’s handy and convenient, and at US.99₵ a pretty good price too!

For more information and to purchase this app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad visit the App store!
Call of Night - Jebs Apps, LLC


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