Can a certain type of flower turn you into a werewolf?

Yes, there are some werewolf legends that say that there exists a certain type of flower that when worn will indeed turn you into a werewolf.  These legends originate in the Balkans (which is in southeastern Europe), and the area of Austria/Hungary.  The legends say that the flower should be picked after sunset and pinned on your clothing and worn during a full moon.  The legends say that the wearing of this flower will turn you into a werewolf.  The flower is said to be called the Lycanthropous flower (scientific name unknown).  This flower is said to be particularly rare and grows in marshy areas in the forest of the Balkans.

Can this be possible?  Can a flower have the power to effect a transformation if worn?

There is no question that flowers and plants can be more than a human would ever suspect.  For example, there are carnivorous plants that eat small mammals defying all logic of what you would think a plant could do (man-eating trees?)!  There are plants that have flowers so huge they are as big as  a human baby – the Rafflesia for example, grows a 15 pound flower!  There are plants that smell like rotting meat (most famously the Amorphophallus titanium). And there are even plants whose leaves will move when touched (for example the Mimosa Pudica). In short, yes, there are certainly plants that do things you would never think a plant could do. Can one have the special property that would allow you to transform into a werewolf simply by wearing it? It’s hard to say. The flower is apparently very hard to come by, so there are few if any actual present-day reports of whether or not it actually works.



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