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Daumier and I met thirteen years before he shared with me his secret, he was my best friend for more than a decade, and the next minute I felt like I didn’t know him at all. The thing is, I could not see it coming, I had no clue what he had been going through for so long. I did think it was odd that within those thirteen years that I knew him I was the only friend of Daumier’s and that he kept everybody else mad at him, hating him, or in some way shoved them out of his life. He never wanted to hang out with my friends, family,  or even meet my girlfriend; I just thought he was shy. But the two of us still had fun, Daumier was the guy who made everything fun no matter what he was doing.  Anyway, I’m getting off topic, I am trying to tell you how a secret even from a close friend can change your life. I am trying to explain that no matter who you are you have a secret, a secret that maybe should not be shared with anybody. But it’s your decision, do you tell them your secret? Do you let them tell you their secret?… I cant breath without space.   A simple secret



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  1. Adam says:

    ur 15 and ur taller than me by 6 inches!

  2. Adam says:

    just sayin

  3. נєηηa~ιѕ~ƒaℓℓιηg~ιηтσ~тнє~вℓa¢к says:

    lol how old are you? Nine?

  4. נєηηa~ιѕ~ƒaℓℓιηg~ιηтσ~тнє~вℓa¢к says:


  5. Adam says:

    lol noooo but sorry gotts ta go ill be on tommarow at about 4 maby 5 PM alright see ya

  6. נєηηa~ιѕ~ƒaℓℓιηg~ιηтσ~тнє~вℓa¢к says:

    see ya

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