Can werewolves be trusted?

For some reason, there is the perception among humans that werewolves cannot be trusted. This rumor may have originated from a few different sources – the most likely source of this rumor is probably from the actions of werewolves themselves.  Werewolves harbor a secret which they do not share freely with everyone, and so they themselves to do not trust people easily. Because they themselves have a very hard time with trust, the perception that they  cannot be trusted likely started to grow and spread.

Another possible origination of this rumor is from the misinterpretation of what a werewolf is and whether or not a werewolf is evil or good.  Because many humans believe werewolves to be evil, cruel, heartless creatures that little resemble humans, and are only after destruction, the belief that they cannot be trusted seems rightly justified.  But this is not the case with werewolves, and so to think that all werewolves cannot be trusted because of this is incorrect (sidenote – yes, there are a small subset that live like this but not all of them by any means).

There are some that would also say that one final source of the “werewolves cannot be truested” rumor stems from vampires.  And I do not mean that vampires themselves are saying this (though surely there are some that do), but I mean that sometimes werewolves are lumped into the same category as vampires.  And because some humans still believe in the whole old vampire cliche of a  “suck-the-life-out-of-you, drain-your-human-blood” reputation, werewolves have been tarnished with a similar reputation as well – just by association, not necessarily by any actions.

What I’m getting at however with all these examples on possible answers to the question “Can werewolves be trusted” is that you must disregard your preconceptions on what your answers are to the question, because those preconceptions probably originate from bias sources.  The true answer to the werewolf trust question is that, yes, werewolves can be trusted – as much as any other creature can be trusted.  Throw out your misbeliefs and do what you do with anyone you wonder if you can trust –  get to know the individual, and see what their morals, beliefs, and feelings are.  Werewolves are individuals and capable of being trusted by these same rules just like any other individual.



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25 Responses

  1. Dynomutt says:

    Thank you for putting this issue to rest. Too many people don’t understand that we’re individuals and not all the same. And, too many people have misconceptions that we’re monsters.

  2. lee ann says:


  3. lee ann says:

    nah if i wanted to spam youd know 😉

  4. Dynomutt says:

    rofl! I’ll keep that in mind

  5. Yes wolves can be trusted. It all depends on the individual and their alignment, whether they are lawful good, lawful evil, neutral, neutral good, neutral evil, chaotic neutral, chaotic evil, or chaotic good. I know I got that from D&D but hey it applies to real life. I can only speak for myself, and if your a good friend to me or a loved one, you are good to go around me but my enemies have to worry. So it all depends on the alignment of the wolf.

  6. Dynomutt says:

    Hooray for taking lessons from D&D ^_^

  7. Jacob mystic falls says:

    Zorath how long have you been a werewolf? When did you first shapeshift? I have been a werewolf since the day of my birth, and I spent years with a wolf pack deep in the forest, were I became their alpha. And they trust me. I protect them from vampires and evil humans.
    Yesterday I kiiilled two vampires that tried to attack a woman and her dog. The dog must have communicated this to me, because I was 20 miles away, but got to them in 12 minutes by my speed.

  8. @Jacob mystic falls: Simply by your name, and your unlikely story, I call your bluff. But, just for fun, I will tell you how long I have been a wolf. Altogether, dividing it between this and all my past lives, I have been a wolf for over 18,000 years. My first year of shape shifting was the day of my 14th birthday in my first life. *sighs* It is really sad to see so many Rpers like yourself. Not sure when to stop Rping and when to call it real life. I know the difference. Ask around here Jacob mystic falls. You will find out about me. You will most definately get two sides of a whole story. Still, you will hear things that would make you wish you didn’t challenge me. Have a nice day.

  9. lee ann says:

    days like this where i come on and wonder why i do…. shake my head and X the window lol

  10. Jacob mystic falls says:

    @Zorath “Rayne” Wolf. Challenge you? Where in my comment did I challenge you to anything? And what’s all this about you not believing I’m a werewolf? I won’t argue with you. My Dragon side has the royalty to it that makes me not squabble with lesser beings. I’m not calling you inferior, don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is that it is usually peasants and squires, lowly creatures (namely people pretending to be something they are not) that act the way strangely enough that you are acting like right now. But that is besides the point. I was asking for the length of time you have been a werewolf. I didn’t mean plus your past lives…I’M TALKING NOW. AS IN PLANET EARTH REAL TIME THIS PRESENT STATE. How long have you been a wolf, and please tell me how old you are?

    I hope you will answer this question, If you choose not to that is alright, we all can’t be confident in our convictions and claims.

  11. Jacob mystic falls says:

    And who in the name of Lycoan is Researcher? I keep seeing his name but he says nothing. What gives?

  12. Sobus says:

    @Jacob mystic falls: I think he was kiiilled by a wolfpack. lol. No but really, I think he has left.

  13. Jacob mystic falls says:

    hmmm…something tells me a certain wolfpack had something to do with it. I could investigate, but werewolves don’t like to be questioned. If he was human he stood no chance of survival. But the way the other Garous talk about him in the forums I think he was rr-ipped to sh-redds. That’s what you get for messsing with the children of Lycan.

  14. Sobus says:

    lol, I don’t know. He said he was leaving anyway. So I don’t know.

  15. Jacob mystic falls says:

    Hey Sobus, do you think I should jump out my window and transform into my Garou form. A little fresh air would do me good, what do you think?

  16. Lunar says:

    people don’t understand because they’ve painted out some pretty grusome pictures in their minds.

  17. Kevkas says:

    We can be trusted, & yet some of us can not.

  18. Selinath says:

    In the part about whether or not wolves can be trusted I think everyone should consider this. can you trust everything your bestfriends tell you when it is in reference to: appearance, dating, schoolwork, etc. If you say yes, then consider this: you hear your parents arguing for a long while, but when you confront them about it can you trust them to tell you the truth? You can say yes and no to many of these questions because in truth the answer is both. You can trust someone in certain aspects of everyday life. Just because someone claims to be a wolf/werewolf/vampire or whatever else doesn’t mean they are any different than the parent who just lied to you about arguing with his/her spouse. They are no different than the person sitting next to on the bus while you’re headed to work; they’re no different than the woman sitting on the bench across the street while you shop. The point is, that just because someone does something wrong doesn’t mean that you should stop trust everyone. There are good and bad in every race, religion, culture, and species. If one pitbull kills a kid because the kid hit it are you going to slaughter every single pitbull? You probably would because the Kid would say or do anything to make themselves look better, and because the pitbull doesn’t speak the same language as you or anyone for that matter outside the kanine species you will kill it for biting a kid. yes, i realize that my analogy will be considered completely off topic, but think about it. anyone is capable of saying anything to make themselves look better. I’m an aspiring writer, can you trust what I am saying without getting to know me personally? I’m not saying go out and make friends with every living person on the planet, i’m just saying that perhaps the perception of trust can be easily manipulated and askewed.

  19. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Dynomutt: that’s because you are monsters and will always be hunted down and captured/destroyed by police ie geandarmerie bobbies 50 polizie politi military police un peace keepers afghan security forces Federalnayasluzhababezopasnosti rcmp fbi cia inter pol afp japan self defense forces the pla the usaf usn and army

  20. she wolf says:

    It also depends on the personality of the Were too, you know. You just can’t trust a werewolf easily like doubting a human too.

  21. crimsonalpha says:

    Zorath sorry i have read some of your comments in other topics but i also call you out, i was born a wolf i am twenty years old and i have shifted before and i have seen my pack members run both for enjoyment and necessity and they aren’t that fast because werewolves aren’t really that fast in real life we don’t have super strength or speed just extremely enhanced strength and speed but i will say that jacob you are full of crap or in your words “i am calling your bluff”
    18,000 years and past lives is just a little far fetched, and sorry if this comment has a lack of tact or manner don’t want to seem like a jerk but i felt the urge to speak my mind

  22. Lycanhope says:

    @crimsonalpha: *standing ovation* Intelligence! I was starting to miss it.

  23. Lee Ann says:

    @crimsonalpha: You might not want to reply to comments that are posted four years ago if youre hoping for a response LOL

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