can werewolves in werewolf form talk?

talking werewolfWhen a werewolf has physically shifted into werewolf form, are they capable of human speech?  This question is quite controversial for humans.  While one would think there would be a simple answer to this question, in truth, it actually depends on the age, experience, and history of the individual werewolf.  Typically, werewolves will go through three phases of the speech process (explaining why humans all have different beliefs on whether a werewolf can talk!)

1.  The shifted werewolf cannot talk

There are many instances that occur when a werewolf transforms and he or she is incapable of human speech. Most typically this occurs with “newer” werewolves. Those that are encountering their first physical shift are often unable to speak – their bodies and minds are being hit with many changes at once, and managing speech is something that not many can handle. Though they know the human language, their throats, tongues, and faces are different, and offering anything remotely resembling speech would be an incredibly difficult task. The newer werewolf will typically communicate with body language, or other “wolf” like vocals including growls, howls, grunts, and moans. Expecting them to talk would be like expecting a wolf to talk. Practically an impossibility.

2.  The shifted werewolf can talk somewhat, but is very hard to understand

As a werewolf gains experience and age, they eventually become more comfortable with aspects of their physical form. Their minds will not be so completely overwhelmed with their physical shift, and they may start focusing on communicating the way they communicate in human form. They will start to try to form words. Because of their different physical features however, the words will sound almost unintelligible to all but the most discerning human ear. A human for example, would hear mostly a growl and perhaps what they thought could be a word in the middle of it. Depending on the patience level of the werewolf, this phase can last a long time – the more impatient the werewolf is, the longer it will take him or her to make their words clearer. The reason is as that when they become frustrated, they lose focus on the delicate process of word formation. Eventually however, with practice, patience, and experience, speech will become clearer.

3. The shifted werewolf can talk

Each werewolf will arrive at this phase at different times.  For some werewolves, being able to communicate with human speech will be elusive their whole lives, while for others, age, experience, and patience may bring it on before they know it.  A werewolf that has physically shifted and is capable of human speech is displaying a great deal of skill, as the feat is not an easy on, and not one that every werewolf will even accomplish.

And there are exceptions…

It is also worth noting that natural born werewolves (in other words, werewolves that were born as werewolves and were not “made” into werewolves), are often capable of human speech right away, and do not go through the arduous process of learning to speak.  Because they are “born” as werewolves they are more comfortable with themselves and able to access certain abilities quicker.  Human speech will therefore come alot easier to the natural born werewolf.



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9 Responses

  1. Nothing is Impossible those are words to live by

  2. RebeccaGoldentail says:

    I can’t speak the human language in my wolf form and I was born a werewolf. I can do body language and howl, but nothing like that.

  3. josh says:

    a shifted wolf can slightly talk it is hard but when they try thay can

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Josh: No. No you can’t.

  5. Crimson-moon says:

    Well what clan are you and how old are you and on top of that you gain a human name to live with our food so what is both your true name and human name
    To—Rebecca (golden-tail)really like u r not trying

  6. nightwolf says:

    @crimson moon: clan?…uhh name? well i guess name’s valid depending on how you shift….live with food? uhh i have a fridge if thats counts lol…oh and chickens my friend lives with chickens….age doesnt effect what does though is control…how well you are with your wolf…at least any real were would tell you that

  7. she wolf says:

    @Wildzora: Yes, that will work and I also memorized some pf the were’s body language because I spent a few years living with a dog.

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