Can werewolves predict earthquakes?

The answer to if werewolves can predict earthquakes is complicated. How in the world might werewolves be able to predict earthquakes you might wonder? Well, the answer is fairly complex and is dependent upon how much of the werewolf is influenced by its “wolf” side and how much of the werewolf is influenced by its “human” side.

Often werewolves are more in touch with their “wolf” side when they have transformed.  So in generalities, werewolves in werewolf form are more likely to sense earthquakes than werewolves in human form.  But this does not mean that werewolves in human form cannot predict earthquakes.  It should be also be noted that werewolves in general are more likely to be able to sense earthquakes than humans in general.  How often, how soon, and with how much confidence, are all dependent upon the individual werewolf.

In order to understand how this is possible, it’s important o understand how and if animals and humans can predict earthquakes.

Can animals sense earthquakes?

Though there is no conclusive proof, it is widely believed that animals can indeed predict earthquakes. Not only has it been recorded that animals such as snakes, weasels, and rats show different behavior before earthquakes, but it has also been shown that even dogs and cats may be able to sense earthquakes.

Researchers have shown that before earthquakes (as early as minutes or even hours before) dogs and cats tend to act erratically or restlessly and show signs of distress including seeking out hiding places, excessive barking or meowing,and biting.  Possible explanations include that these animals have keener senses than humans and that the dogs and cats sense the change in atmospheric pressure or feel the miniscule vibrations in the sensitive pads in their feet.

Can humans sense earthquakes?

For most people the answer to this questions is no. Most humans cannot sense or predict when an earthquake will happen. They know an earthquake happens about the same time that it actually does happen! That is the majority of people.

There are a few people however that claim to be “earthquake sensitive” – they say they can predict when an earthquake will happen. Specifically, they say that before an earthquake comes they can become dizzy, get headaches, feel anxious, have ringing in their ears, and sometimes even have dreams about it. It should be noted however, that although there are people that claim this ability, and there have been some documented predictions, it has not been scientifically proven that human “earthquake sensitivity” is real.

So back to the question, can werewolves sense earthquakes?

The short answer is in many cases, yes they are more likely to be able to have the ability than humans. The longer answer, as noted above, is it depends on if the werewolf is in werewolf form or human form.  It depends on how strong the “wolf” influence is.  And it also depends upon the individual werewolf.



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