Can werewolves see behind themselves?

One animal known to be able to see completely behind itself without turning its head is the rabbit (I’ve heard there may only be one or two others in the animal kingdom that can do this).  This explains why it’s hard to creep up on a rabbit.  Sometimes it may seem like a werewolf can also see behind him/herself without turning his head, because werewolves always seem to know exactly where their prey is.  It is true that it is almost impossible to sneak up on a werewolf.   Werewolves however, like wolves, and like humans, would need to turn their heads to see directly behind them.  The field of vision of both eyes do not link up behind its head like those of a rabbit. Werewolves have “two-eyed” vision which most beasts of prey have, which enables them to judge pouncing distance.  In combination with this however, werewolves also  have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, enabling them to locate their prey.  They also are extremely fast, so once they have located and decided to attack their prey, they are quick to find it…making it seem like they always knew where it was to begin with.



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296 Responses

  1. Silver says:

    Just a question here about the Moon, does it hold any sway over us? i’ve heard people debate it either way and some say yes it has strong influence over Werewolves and others say no it’s just a theory.

  2. Hellius says:

    Sorta does, sorta doesn’t. The full moon doesn’t force werewolves to change like the media claims.

  3. Sabrefang says:

    It has no hold on us but it affects us spiritually, we do not change or get physically affected, If we are getting affected physically than it means are spirit is very very sensitive to the moon that it triggers us physically

  4. Sabrefang says:

    It is because our spirit becomes so compelled that we do as well. I get affected in a sense that I howl using my flute and I do this to bring balance between the physical and spiritual world

  5. Silver says:

    i see, it sounds amazing. well apparently the next full moon is on the 9th. i will see how it affects me properly in full view and i will not be held by my human. i don’t expect a physical change but i would love peace, if the physical change happens then so be it but i will find peace in knowing who i am finally

  6. Sabrefang says:

    You are ready to learn about acceptance.

  7. Silver says:

    i believe i am, i am wolf that is me i cannot change it, he has just hidden because of my fear. now im unafraid and he is me. it is how i see it

  8. Sabrefang says:

    I know already believe me I can see the change. Now you must learn to accept others as well. Accept how your parents are, accept how your friends are, the more you accept yourself and those around you, the more life seems easy.

  9. Sabrefang says:

    Welcome to the pack silver.

  10. Silver says:

    *if i knew a way to express the respect i hold for you i would* thank you Sabrefang.

  11. Akitha says:


    Lol xD

  12. Silver says:

    haha i can laugh at that, tis fair awesome

  13. Akitha says:


  14. Sabrefang says:

    Silver remember this it was you who was looking for yourself. My job is too help guide people there because my powers are most prominent in the mind.

  15. Silver says:

    HAHA awesome dog

  16. Silver says:

    i see, but i will be forever thankful. i owe you a great debt 😀 i won’t forget it

  17. Sabrefang says:

    All I ask for is your is that you help those who need it. Kindness is a great way to learn lessons in life

  18. lost man or wolf who knows yet says:

    i am only 12 and need some guidance i feel changes in me that i dont understand and i want to know how to harness those feelings i am going through puberty and im having these visions thAT I change into my wolf and i need to know what i really am im lost and confused i just need someone with enough knowledge to point me the way that will lead me to understanding thank you

  19. Dream Catcher says:

    pink gummy werebears are here too

  20. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Silver: i too also have the wolf sprit

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