Captain America was a werewolf! Just call him CapWolf!

captain america as capwolfJust when you thought you knew every werewolf out there, one takes you by surprise.  For example, did anyone know that Captain America at one time was turned into a werewolf!? You won’t find him as a werewolf in any of the Captain America movies (yet), but rather in the old comic series. Specifically, in 1992, one of the Captain America stories has Captain America becoming a werewolf! And his nickname became perhaps the greatest nickname ever – CapWolf!

capwolf headThe backstory of Captain American turning into CapWolf is interesting. Captain America finds himself in Starksboro, Massachusetts, where the whole town has been injected with a serum that turned them into werewolves. He eventually gets into the losing end of a brawl with the badguys, gets knocked out, and gets injected with the werewolf serum himself. The good news? His werewolf nature doesn’t completely take over and he is still Captain – but now he’s CapWolf!

Recently, Marvel came out with a line of Captain America figurines featuring the “CapWolf” alter-ego head. It’s part of the Red Skull Build-A-Figure line.



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