Carnivorous Killer Seagulls attack Humans! Hide your babies!

Carnivorous killer seagulls attack humans

If you thought you were afraid of werewolves, time to add another creature to your list – seagulls!! Yes, that’s right, I said seagulls. Those very same white-feathered birds that fly around in circles chirping and making you think of the ocean might just be eyeing you as their next meal!

The violent seagull attacks are being reported in growing numbers from Cornwall, England.  The hungry gulls have been leaving a trail of blood in their wake – one woman saw a seagull circling above her, and next thing she knew blood was dripping from her head – the gull had attacked from above.  In another recent story, a boy almost lost his finger to a crazed gull. In yet another report of the seagulls’ madness, a small dog – a Yorkshire Terrier – was killed by a meat-hungry seagull!  The matter is incredibly serious – in fact, the seagull attacks have become so vicious and so frequent, that England’s prime minister David Cameron has even remarked on the issue and called for a conversation about it.  The type of seagulls that appear to be doing the attacking are the black-backed gulls.

Human flesh is not the only “meat” the gulls are craving – witnesses have seen the seagulls eating everything from rats to rabbits to turtles to swallowing other birds (like starlings) whole.  Anything that is smaller than they are seems to be fair game!

While residents and visitors are now extremely leery of the local gulls, and are taking precautions to protect their babies and small dogs, there are “experts” who say that their fears are unjustified.  The experts claim that the attacks are not seagulls-turned-carnivorous, but rather likely some logical explanation such as a need to protect a nearby nest which may house their young.  Experts also claim while it may seem that all of a sudden there is a massive increase in gull attacks, it may not be because the existing gulls have become more violent, but merely because the population of gulls has mushroomed, and with more gulls come more attacks.

Regardless of what experts say, you’d be hard-pressed to convince many residents not to fear these local birds – with more and more human injuries being reported, everyone is on guard.

Truthfully, after watching some of these seagulls in action, who wouldn’t be afraid?!




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