Cat Halloween Costume – adults or cats?

We did the dog halloween costume, so let’s take a look at the cat halloween costume. Here’s the question – how many people do you think are searching for a costume FOR a cat vs. a costume OF a cat for a girl or an adult woman (cat woman)? I think most searches are probably for the adult cat halloween costume – a common halloween choice since cats are seen as mysterious and intriguing. Girls and women commonly choose to be a black cat for halloween, then they dress in a black leotard, add ears and a tail, paint on some whiskers, and they’re done! Some even add a little mask over their eyes. It’s a pretty easy choice of costume for halloween, I have to admit. Here’s an idea – if you’re thinking about the cat halloween costume – change it up, and instead of being a cat, be a cat burglar!! You can still dress in the black leotard and even keep the black eye mask, instead of a tail get some rope to twirl around your arm, and maybe carry around a big sack with a dollar sign on it. Now, if you are not looking to be cat woman, and are actually really looking for a cat halloween costume, there are some costumes out there! Getting your cat to wear them might be the tricky part. But if your dog is dressing up, you’ve got to dress up your cat too! Otherwise you have pet favorites! And that is totally unfair! SO, let’s take a look at some choices, shall we?



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