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Is this a baby werewolf or the strangest dog ever?!

Although people have readily believed that this creature is a “baby werewolf“, this curious looking animal is in fact a dog! Her name is Quasi Modo, and she has taken on the esteemed title as “world’s ugliest dog”. Quasi Modo’s unique looks...

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cynocephaly – the dog heads

There’s lycanthropy, and then there’s Cynocephaly. Cynocephaly means having the head of a dog (or a jackal) and the body of a human. Cynocephaly is often depicted in ancient religious works and renderings. The most likely place you may have seen this...

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Black Dog Superstitions

The Black Dog is a creature that has consistently – for centuries – shown up time and time again in the legends and folklore of Europe; it often appears as an apparition or ghost and signifies that Death is nearby. How To...