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Did you see the Supermoon? 1

Did you see the Supermoon?

Yes, I said SUPERmooN! Tonight is a supermoon because the moon will be at the fullest and brightest point of the year!  They say that the time to get the best sighting is when the moon is on the horizon as that...

moon facts 3

Moon Facts and Trivia!

1. You can only see 59% of the moon from Earth. 2. You only ever see one side of the moon from Earth!! The other side of the moon (or the dark side of the moon) remains hidden from view from Earth!...

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Full Moons of 2012

Most years there are only 12 full moons (one for each month), however every now and then there are years with 13 full moons.  2012 is one of those years!  In 2012 there are thirteen full moons in the year!  The extra...

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UARS NASA Satellite Falling to Earth in the middle of the night!!

You can’t just let stuff fall from space!! But that is exactly what NASA is doing! And who is likely to be injured? Creatures of the night!! (Including creatures of the water too!) NASA Satellite falling to earth during midnight hours TONIGHT!...

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Real Full moon eclipse footage!

On June 15, 2011 there was a total full moon eclipse! What is a lunar eclipse? “A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s rays and casting a shadow on the moon....

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Moonstone reunites lovers and transforms werewolves

Moonstone is a real gemstone that is believed to be able to assist in werewolf transformations! Yes, a rock that can help a werewolf transform! This is only one of its many powers – it is also said that moonstone can reunite lovers, help in spiritual healing, and possibly even help in fortune telling the future. Can a stone do all this? Ancient romans certainly thought so – and linked the stone very closely with the moon….and not surprisingly with werewolves as well! […] read more […]

Super moon 13


The full moon tonight will be the largest it has been in 18 years!! And in fact it will actually appear bigger than it has in a long time – 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter! Because the moon is going...

Full moon Wolf 2

Wolf Moon: January Full Moon 2011

Tonight as many already know is the first and last full moon of January 2011. But tonights moon is no ordinary full moon. The name of January’s full moon is Wolf Moon, a name give to this moon many many generations past....

Did you miss the Lunar Eclipse? Watch time lapse video! 10

Did you miss the Lunar Eclipse? Watch time lapse video!

Last night (in the early morning hours of December 21, 2010) there was a total lunar eclipse – meaning that the sun, moon, and earth are lined up exactly so that the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, thereby causing an eclipse! The...