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how to make vampire fangs 0

How to make Wearable Origami Vampire Fangs

Here are two sets of instructions – one tells you how to make wearable origami vampire fangs, the other is a step-by-step on making origami vampire fangs in general (that are not wearable). VERSION#1….HOW TO MAKE NON-WEARABLE FANGS…. The non-wearable fangs are...

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Vampire Baby

Does the vampire baby exist? Traditionally, vampires are created by other vampires – and they typically create other vampires who are adults.  So how would a vampire baby even come into being?  There are 2 possibilities: 1.  The first possibility is that...

Volturi Jane with Red Vampire Contact Lenses 21

werewolf contacts

Werewolf contacts (or Special FX lenses) are for humans that want to make their eyes appear non-human….or what they believe a werewolf’s eyes would look like. There are a variety of contact lens choices to choose from for your werewolf costume (or...