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what would you do if you were a werewolf 3

What would you do if confronted by a werewolf?

If you were faced with a werewolf, what would you do? There are many different reactions you might have, however, not all of them would be appropriate or would leave you with any chance of survival.  Which reaction would you have and...

run like a werewolf 0

Running on all fours “werewolf-style” goes mainstream!

Apparently there is an obsession in the running world with trying to run on all fours “werewolf style”.   It’s been done so much that there are even world record attempts at it!  “Werewolf-style” running recently made headlines when an American professional basketball...

being human 136

Why Being Human is lame

This is why being human stinks! Generally speaking you could make a list of things you love about being human, but what fun would that be? So here is a negative list of things about being human, things that are…uhh.. lame! 1....