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Kentucky Werewolf Sighting nicknamed Bearilla

It makes sense that you would find werewolves in the state of Kentucky. The state has plenty of wild game (including deer and turkey) for the werewolf that enjoy a bit of a chase, not to mention Kentucky is particularly well-known for...

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Is Chewbacca from Star Wars really Bigfoot?

Chewbacca, Han Solo’s companion, co-pilot, and confidante in Star Wars, appears to resemble a creature from Earth you may be familiar with – Bigfoot! Is that on purpose? What kind of creature is Chewbacca? Now, to begin with, George Lucas does not...

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Is this a Real Bigfoot 911 call?

Is this Bigfoot phone call fact or fiction? The phone call appears to have been made from a man was sitting at home.  He never uses the word “bigfoot” to describe what he sees, however his sighting seems to match other bigfoot...