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Suspected Bigfoot Sighting in Oregon 1

Suspected Bigfoot Sighting in Oregon

Last week, the Oregonian Newspaper reported what residents believe to be a possible bigfoot sighting. The incident took place at the Umatilla Indian Reservation, an Indian Reservation in the Blue Mountains near the city of Pendleton in the state of Oregon. According...

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf? 1

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf?

The lobishomen is a legendary undead vampire-like creature of Brazil. Also known in other areas of South America, the lobishomen is not a vampire by normal hollywood standards – in fact, it is something that is hard to even imagine! It is...

Morag Monster 1

Morag Monster

Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster “Nessie”, but did you know that there’s another well-documented loch monster named Morag? Morag is said to live in Loch Morar in the Scottish Highlands – a loch so big it has five islands,...

dangerous Scottish shapeshifter Each-uisge 3

dangerous Scottish shapeshifter Each-uisge

The Each-uisge (pronounced ech-oosh-kya) is a shapeshifter that is said to have the ability to transform into a horse or a pony. The shifter is sometimes called a “water horse” because it is said to inhabit mainly the lochs and sea inlets...

the wererabbit 2

the wererabbit

The wererabbit is not a creature that one hears about too often. But,the creature, while not typical in today’s references to shapeshifters, did have some references in older cultures and stories. In current legends and myths, references to the wererabbit often center...

bakeneko 12


The shapeshifting cat of Japanese legend is called the bakeneko (化け猫) – pronounced “bah-kay-nay-ko”.The interesting thing about this shapeshifter is that their original form is that of a cat, and their transformed form is that of a human! Legends vary surrounding how...

kitsune 35


The kitsune is a Japanese shapeshifting fox. It is a different type of shapeshifter from a werewolf with interesting abilities, among which include the ability to create illusions that can be mistaken from the real thing, and the ability for a type of mind control.

leshy 1

leshy – a Slavic shapeshifter

There are other types of shapeshifters in lore and legend besides werewolves – in Slavic mythology for example, there exists the Leshy. The leshy is a shapeshifting creature that lives in the forest and is not likely to be found far from...

abominable snowman 0

abominable snowman

The abominable snowman is a creature that is rumored to live in cold snow-covered areas, in particular the Himalayas.  The term Yeti is often used interchangeably when discussing the creature. What does he look like? Most movie depictions of the abominable snowman...

track santa claus 1

Track Santa

I know he’s not a werewolf, but he does have a bunch of reindeer! 😉 It’s Christmas Eve! Let’s take a look at where Santa is! He started his journey around the world at midnight today. The NORAD LIVE tracker will follow...