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Carnivorous mouse howls at the moon! 1

Carnivorous mouse howls at the moon!

Very strange….and TRUE!! The mouse in question is the “Southern Grasshopper Mouse” – the scientific name is Onychomys torridus. More commonly, they are referred to as “Scorpion Mice”, and often compared with wolves! At first glance the mouse looks like any other...

Chupacabra sighting in Ukraine 1

Chupacabra sighting in Ukraine

An animal that appears to be the infamous chupacabra was spotted by locals in the Ukraine sometime last week. The animal’s corpose was brought to vets who are attempting to identify it, although locals firmly believe it is the creature known as...

vampire frog 2

Vampire Flying Frog

A new species of frog was discovered in 2008 by an Australian scientists – Dr Jodi Rowley.  This is not just a normal creature either. Cover your necks everyone – they’ve discovered the Vampire Flying Frog! The Vampire Flying Frog (Rhacophorus vampyrus)...