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Ghost Caught on Camera 1

Ghost Caught on Camera

For those who have a difficult time believing in things that are unusual, unproven, or mysterious, photographic evidence is typically what they call for. But what happens when these same people are confronted with photographic evidence? Do they accept what they saw...

werewolf wood panel picture 23

Werewolf woodcutting

The image below is from a 500 year old woodcutting by Lucas Cranach Starszy, an artist from the German Renaissance.  The central theme of the woodcutting focuses on what appears to be a man on his knees with what might be a...

People’s meaning of Friday the 13th 24

People’s meaning of Friday the 13th

Today is the last Friday the 13th until May 13,  2011. What does  Friday the 13th mean to people around the inter webs and beyond? Check out some art, and some videos… Also check out last years post on the fear of...