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constellatiion lupus 2

Constellation Lupus

The Constellation Lupus is a grouping of stars in the southern hemisphere. Lupus is Latin for Wolf, so this constellation is also sometimes referred to as the “Wolf Constellation“.  Over time it has been known variously as different things including Ur-Idim or...

i love werewolves 20

Moonstone reunites lovers and transforms werewolves

Moonstone is a real gemstone that is believed to be able to assist in werewolf transformations! Yes, a rock that can help a werewolf transform! This is only one of its many powers – it is also said that moonstone can reunite lovers, help in spiritual healing, and possibly even help in fortune telling the future. Can a stone do all this? Ancient romans certainly thought so – and linked the stone very closely with the moon….and not surprisingly with werewolves as well! […] read more […]

monster rodent 1

Monster Rodents are Real – The Capybara

Imagine if you will a gigantic rat bigger than your dog or cat. Sound like something you don’t believe in? (like werewolves?)  Well, there are rodents that are so big, you’ll think it was CGI or photoshop.  Rodents so big, they would...

Man eating trees 6

Man eating trees

It’s like a tale out of a horror movie – a man-eating tree living in the deepest, darkest part of the jungle grabs its prey and eats it.  Locals, in fear of their lives and in fear of the horrific monster plant...

vampire squid from hell 13

Vampire Squid From Hell

It sounds like the name of a horror movie, but it’s real… the Vampire Squid from Hell really does exist! Now, if you can get past the name, your next question is likely to be – Vampires in the ocean?!  Answer:  Only...

Wolverine 7


Because of the movie character Wolverine, people sometimes think that wolverines and werewolves are interchangeable. Some people also think that wolves and wolverines are similar. Neither one of these comparisons however is even close to the truth. Wolverines are a very different...

werewolf antelope 22

Werewolf Antelope

Is this a new type of animal? Or just one that’s a little bit different? In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, a photographer snapped a picture of an animal that is confusing scientists everywhere.  It appears to be an antelope...

Zombie Ants infected by fungus 39

Zombie Ants infected by fungus

Zombies exist.  Zombies are real.  Science has now proven it! There are many theories on how zombies are made – and much controversy on if they are in fact real.  For those who doubt in the existence of zombies – get ready...

lunar behavior 25

lunar behavior

Full moon behavior: How the full moon affects our lives. Have you ever noticed how people act weird during the approach of and particularly on the night of the full moon? If you havent noticed you should take note of the next...