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dont let the werewolves bite! 0

Goodnight, don’t let the werewolves bite!

Well friends, I’m off to sleep for the night! You should be too! Goodnight! Sleep Tight! Don’t let the werewolves bite! If they do, grab a shoe, and whack them ’til they’re black and blue!   If they try, I’ll bite them...

werewolf vampire tongue twisters for halloween 0

10 tongue twisters with werewolves and vampires!

A tongue twister is a sentence or phrase that is hard to say correctly – and in particular, even harder to say quickly and correctly! Below are 10 werewolf and vampire themed tongue twisters. Say them slowly, then try saying them as...

earliest known image of a werewolf? 4

Zeus transforming Lycaon into wolf

The first image to the right is a  depiction of what many consider to be one of the very first werewolves…Lycaon!  The black and white picture depicts Lycaon the King being transformed into a wolf by the god Zeus.  The picture depicts...