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Cynanthropy or Weredogs

The second most common form of shapeshifting known to humans (with werewolves being number 1) is cynanthropy. Cynanthropy is the technical term to describe a weredog – in other words, a human that transforms into a dog. Since there are not many...

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A shape-shifting bear!? Yes, there is such a thing – it’s called a werebear! In fact, in myths and legends, the werebear is depicted as being more ferocious if attacked than a werewolf! Luckily, many legends say that the werebear typically keeps...

Olmec WereJaguar 14


If you went back a thousand – or, let’s go back even farther, how about two thousand years – what would you find? Would you believe that you’d find evidence of shapeshifters– and in particular – were-jaguars!? The ancient Olmec civilization of...