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Animated Holiday Gifs for myspace and website! 0

Animated Holiday Gifs for myspace and website!

This is completely off topic, and not about werewolves. 🙁 But, don’t you want to get your myspace page or website set up for the holidays with some animated holiday gifs?  I’ve been searching around and found some good sites (I’m linking...

Werewolf Tattoo 6

Werewolf Tattoo

Are you looking for a werewolf tattoo?  I’ve found several sites on the internet that have good werewolf drawings from which to base your tattoo. There are some websites that have some good pictures of wolves and werewolves. Many of the pictures depict...

layout myspace -werewolf 2

layout myspace -werewolf

Are you looking for werewolf layouts for myspace? I found a spot that might have a few interesting layouts, a few drawings of vicious werewolves, didn’t see any movie werewolves or anything but this may satisfy your hunger for werewolves anyway. The...