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Wednesday morning werewolf cartoon 1

Wednesday morning werewolf cartoon

Wednesday morning cartoons! Sometimes it’s nice to just site back and watch a cartoon. And it’s even better when it might have a werewolf in it…. Enjoy! 🙂

Glee Thriller Zombie Mash-Up 3

Glee Thriller Zombie Mash-Up

Zombies invaded the TV show of Glee on Sunday after the Superbowl. Yeah, ZOMBIES.  The cast of Glee did a zombie mash-up episode. But the interesting thing is that the two songs which they “mashed up” – two supposed zombie songs –...

Werewolves the Dark Survivors 5

Werewolves the Dark Survivors

Animal Planet aired a TV special called Werewolves The Dark Survivors last year.  The show is a two hour special about werewolves from the point of view of a werewolf. The show does not have real werewolves in it, but rather is...

California city attempted to repel Vampires 6

California city attempted to repel Vampires

If you were going to attempt to secure a city from Vampires how would you do it? You might be able to have the city water supply sanctified in an attempt to make it Holy water, in hopes that a Vampire somehow...

Cartoon! Interlude with a Vampire 41

Cartoon! Interlude with a Vampire

Here’s a cartoon to watch tonight! Mina and the Count: Interlude with a Vampire. I almost feel sorry for the poor hungry vampire. 🙂

Fact or Faked: Hellhound 6

Fact or Faked: Hellhound

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Werewolves? Not yet! Fact or Faked is a show on Syfy channel that investigates the paranormal. A recent episode of Fact or Faked titled Predator/Red Sky at Night took the investigative crew on a mission to investigate...

David Letterman talks werewolves 4

David Letterman talks werewolves

So the other night David Letterman had Taylor Lautner on his show (for those of you who don’t know, although I’m pretty sure almost everyone does…Taylor Lautner played werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight / Eclipse movies), and David started giving his...

True Blood poster 30

True blood werewolf treated as zoo animal

The release of the newest season of HBO’s television series True Blood is much anticipated by many humans who wish to see their Vampires portrayed as sleek and sexy and for a moment out of their day live in a fantasy world...

Dr Who Vampires of Venice 8

Dr Who Vampires of Venice

Tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Who is all about vampires….maybe. The Dr. and his companions go to Venice and encounter what at first they believe to be vampires. The Dr. Who creatures are human-like with huge fangs. But as they become more involved...

American Idol Vampires 13

American Idol Vampires

Last night American Idol dressed up the finalists as vampires!  It was the strangest thing I’ve seen American Idol do in a while.  Dressed up the idols did make pretty good vampires.  Their look makes it obvious that Twilight vampires have become...