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Werewolf Transformations

Three Werewolves 2

Three Werewolves

An interesting take on what happens during a werewolf transformation…a couple of things stand out in the video…1. the transformations are depicted as starting only seconds after “moonrise” 2. the transformations are depicted as starting in the “center” of the body although...

Types of Werewolf Transformations 28

Types of Werewolf Transformations

In truth, there is more than just what you see in movies regarding  werewolf transformations. In fact, there are a few different categories that exist when talking about transformations….most common among them are the M-Shift and the P-Shift.  When discussing these types...

terryifying werewolf transformation 4

terrifying transformations

A transformation is a very personal process that happens differently for every werewolf.  It is important to understand that not all werewolves undergo a physical transformation. For those that do, the process is never the same from one werewolf to the next. ...

weird werewolf transformation 2

weird werewolf transformation

This is indeed one of the weirder werewolf transformations that I’ve seen.  During the transformation, the wolf appears to grow and transform – at first it appears almost as though he’s transforming into a bat or a vampire, then it appears that...

female werewolf tranformation 3

female werewolf tranformation

When werewolf transformations are talked about or depicted, it’s almost always a male that transforms – you hardly ever hear about or see the female werewolf transformation. Part of it is because generally humans associate werewolves mainly with the male gender –...