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Attack of the Werewolf

What a werewolf attack is like. You may have had a suspicion that you were being followed. That something was tracking you closely. But you weren’t certain.
When the little hairs on the back of your neck began to rise, you knew something was wrong. Something was very wrong. But you had no idea what you were in store for. That a creature you barely dreamed existed – a creature from the shadowy legends of yesterday – was about to make an appearance in your life. A werewolf. Who knows what you did to get the werewolf’s attention? But really, at this point, does it matter? You got the attention, and it wasn’t the good kind.

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Dont let humanity prevent you from being a werewolf!

Hello Werewolves, Friends! I am back!  The creatures of the night did not get me!  I’ve been away, hiking and running, gazing at the moon, and breathing scents on the wind!  And here’s what I’ve discovered: Although the world is overpopulated with...

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How to become a werewolf

So, everyone knows how to become a vampire, but do you know how to become a werewolf?  Legends, myths, lore, and superstitions tell of a wide variety of ways. Drink from the paw print of a wolf.  Legends vary on the exact...

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Sorry, I only date werewolves!

Dear ILW,   Is it weird that I only date werewolves?  I mean, if you are not a werewolf, please just keep on walking by.  Don’t ask me out on a date because I only date werewolves.  It didn’t always used to be...

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10 Awesome Tweets About Werewolves that make perfect sense

1. [while turning into a werewolf] are u serious i literally just bought these pants — chuuch (@ch000ch) October 18, 2015 2. Want to be a werewolf for Halloween but I can’t even grow a beard 😕 — Jovanni Michel ⚽ (@El_TorroBlanco)...

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Dear I Love Werewolves, please tell me why…

The following question was submitted to ILW…it has been posted here with the express permission of the writer. Why are people so much more willing to accept vampires than werewolves? Everywhere you look vampires are being glorified – they are in advertisements...

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5 reasons werewolves are better than vampires

Let’s just face the facts – while vampires are intriguing, there is no denying that werewolves are way better! Here are 5 reasons that stand on their own as to why werewolves are better than vampires: 1. Hair If there’s one thing...