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Are there werewolves in Dogtown Massachusetts? 25

Are there werewolves in Dogtown Massachusetts?

There are indeed various rumors that shapeshifters had been seen in and around Dogtown, Massachusetts. Nothing has been substantively proven however as to whether or not they are actual werewolves. Where is Dogtown located? Dogtown is located in northeastern Massachusetts on Cape...

Do werewolves exist? 141

Do werewolves exist?

There are many people that think that werewolves do exist, and there is much evidence that supports the belief. What tends to happen in modern day is that science and skepticism result in humans time and time again insisting that they don’t exist. Each person needs to analyze the evidence for him or herself and make a decision based upon that, not based upon what other say!

Never forget where you came from 5

Never forget where you came from

As a new werewolf, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of your new powers, skills, and strengths. You’re new self will eventually learn to do things better than everyone else. While some can deal with this, some others...

Can a certain type of flower turn you into a werewolf? 26

Can a certain type of flower turn you into a werewolf?

Yes, there are some werewolf legends that say that there exists a certain type of flower that when worn will indeed turn you into a werewolf.  These legends originate in the Balkans (which is in southeastern Europe), and the area of Austria/Hungary. ...

Werewolves Rule Vampires Drool 6

Werewolves Rule Vampires Drool

Werewolves are almost always depicted in an unflattering light. They are the mean, evil, human-eating “beasts” of film. Over and over again the werewolf is the “meanie”, the “bad-guy”, or the one that is “out of control”. The filmmakers leave out everything...

Big Bang Theory Werewolf Transformation exclusive spoiler!!? 6

Big Bang Theory Werewolf Transformation exclusive spoiler!!?

Is a werewolf transformation in Sheldon Cooper’s future on the Big Bang Theory?  In Season Five, Episode 18 of the show, in addition to our favorite nerdy scientists, could there be hair, howling, and shapeshifting? And more importantly, will Sheldon, Leonard, Raj,...

werewolf safe house 10

Werewolf Safe House

The werewolf safe house, probably the safest place the werewolf could be in the event of an emergency. Many of you might not have heard about this particular escape for the werewolf so lets go over a few things about the house....

lupercalia festival 2

Day of the Wolves

Yesterday was all about Valentines. It was filled with hearts and love and candy. Today however is a day of the wolves! In fact, wolves are on the minds of many Romans today as they celebrate the lupercalia festival! And Romans are...

hike through woods 8

Werewolf Valentine

If you know or like or love a werewolf, you may be at a loss as to what to do for them for Valentine’s Day. Werewolves have the reputation of being fearsome creatures and it can be intimidating to try to figure...

wolf and wolverine 5

Werewolf quarrel

In a quarrel between a wolverine and a huge grey wolf, who wins? At first you might think that the answer is clear – the wolf will win. But watching the video of the quarrel below, it is clear that the wolverine...