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Watch a Wolf Pack Live on the Streaming Wolf Cam!

If you’re sitting at home or at work or at school and wish you could see a pack of wolves right…now!… well, you can! Here is a live stream of real wolves from the Wolf Cam Exhibit Pack at the International Wolf...

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Wolves on the prowl…for Easter Eggs?

Happy Easter Everyone! If you have an Easter Egg hunt planned for today, rest assured you’re not the only one! In fact, rest assured it’s not only humans that hunt eggs on Easter! Yesterday at the South Salem Wolf Conservation Center some...

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Strangest wolf ever – the Maned Wolf!

Actually, despite it’s name, the maned wolf is not actually a wolf – it has its own genus – Chrysocyon….and it probably should be in a class of its own, as it is one of the oddest looking animals you’ll ever see...