Centaur – part human part horse

centaur half human half horse

What is a centaur?

Centaurs are not exactly “were” creatures, in that they do not transform.  They are actually creatures that stay in one form all the time – that form being part human, part horse – they are human from the waist up, however where their legs should be there is actually the hindquarters of a horse!

Where did they come from?

You can find references to cenaurs as far back as 3000BC.  Many centaur legends date back to Greek mythology, and some legends claim that they originated from the son of Apollo, a Greek god.  Other legends claim their origins go back to Ixion, another Greek legend and a descendent of the Greek God of War, Ares.  Often, legends claim that there are actually two separate tribes of centaurs.

What are these half-human/half-horse creatures like?

In many ancient legends it is said that they are violent, raucous, unruly creatures, who were not friendly with humans.  Most modern depictions of centaurs in movies and books however show them as being wise, intelligent, strong, and brave creatures who, while skeptical of, and cautious of humans, are not outright hostile towards them.

Are there both male and female centaurs?

Legends say very little about female centaurs, and indeed, most often the creatures are depicted and written about as being male. You can however find occasional references to the female centaur, and when they are described it is said that they are very beautiful.

Does anyone even talk about centaurs today?

Centaurs have really taken a back seat in todays legends and myths, and you’ll only hear/see them talked about most often as secondary characters in movies and novels.  Most notably however, you can look for them in movies such as Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, and Fantasia.  In fiction, books such as the Neverending Story, Well World, Artemis Fowl, and Star Wars all feature centaurs as well.  In science, you’ll find that astronomers talk about centaurs regularly! The ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy named a constellation after these legends – constellation Centaurus, one of the largest constellations in the southern hemisphere, a constellation that both amateur and professional astronomers admire regularly. 🙂



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  1. she wolf says:

    -chuckles evily- gotta show this to my friend. -wears an evil smile-

  2. Dei says:

    My boyfriend is a descendent of Ares a reincarnated centaur. I watch him struggle with his good humane side and his violent best side on a daily basis. I see him for what he is

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