changing eye colors

There are a few creatures that have changing eye colors, and among these are werewolves and vampires.  Indeed, werewolf eyes and vampire eyes are among the most distinct and unique eyes. Because they live among humans (and in some cases were once humans) their eye colors are most of the time very similar to that of humans.  In fact, most of the time, their eyes can be mistaken for human eyes – but this can change in an instant depending on their mood and state of mind.

werewolves eyes change color to gold..

werewolf eyes teen wolf

Werewolf Eyes (as depicted in Teen Wolf)

The eyes of the werewolf vary in color, and have been reported to be everything from green to brown to blue.  Although they do not have to be any specific color, one of the key characteristics of werewolf eyes is that even though they can be any color, the color is always brilliant and very eye-catching.  The eye color is enhanced with an inside glow that is incredibly forceful and attractive to anyone they meet.  This is especially true and most noticeable during and around transformations when the werewolf’s eyes are not only briliant colored, but can sometimes even changes eye colors, taking on a goldish tint.

vampire eyes change color to red…

twilight vampire eyes

Vampire Eyes (as depicted in Twilight)

The eyes of the vampire are especially recognizable because of the reddish tint they change to when they are hungry or craving blood. Vampires generally cannot control this tint, but rather it is an involuntary side effect of their thirst.  It also does have the benefit of terrifying the vampire’s prey to the point that many prey are immobilized by fear when they see the vampire’s eyes.  During most other times when the vampire is not incredibly hungry, their eyes too can come in any color, however they are most often darker colors, most commonly dark brown.


and the zombie…?

zombie eye colorIt is also interesting to note the eye colors that zombies reportedly take on in myths and legends.  Like the rest of their bodies, the zombie’s eyes are dead. When you look at them, they therefore take on the appearance of being dead – their eyes change from what they were as a human, and are often described as being pale, faded, and sometimes even losing color completely, sometimes appearing completely white.  The whites of their eyes can also sometimes be red, but not in the way that vampires are red because of hunger, but rather in a way in which you can see the veins and life they used to have….almost as if their eyes were bloodshot.



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60 Responses

  1. midnight says:

    ‘rotten eyes’ expain zombie , blood for vampires, and gold for the soul of the wolf for werewolves, but im not a werewolf at least i dont think i am anyway. i can change my eye color from brown to a blueish gray, green to a very bright blue, and gray to golden brown. i act the same as my friends but i have no fears , i can run 2x faster then last year,i can feel others feelings as if they were my feelings , my nails are so perfectly shaped , long , and pointed nails that look like claws, .i feel like i could run faster then a cheetah and run forever, i feel like i can scence every living animal on the two moons that look full and the full moon . i go to bed as soon as i get home from school and wake up before 12 p.m . i make people bleed because i feel im stealing there heath and streath . people i make bleed get sick the next day.

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @midnight: Shanging eye colours can happen, it’s more common than you’d think. Sensing other people’s emotions would suggest that you’re empathic. As for the rest, no clue, but I’d suggest not scratching people, it’s likely bacteria collects under the pointed nails and causes people to get sick.

  3. Lycanhope says:


  4. Lee Ann says:

    I think you need some counselling.

  5. Kelly says:

    yeah, i know some great therapists.

    (sidenote, anyone else disturbed slightly by the fact that therapist can easily be transformed to the-rapist?)

  6. wouldnt the zombies eyes decomposed? oh well. well my eyes are an extremely light blue, as blue as the skies here in texas in summer, and sometimes their dark blue (when my eyes are the real light blue, and the sun catches it, i freak people out if i stare at them). sometimes my eyes are brown, sometimes green, sometimes grey, Sometimes hazel, and now i was bitten by a werewolf, golden. my mood and what im wearing affects it, i think. Midnight, go see a therapist?

  7. @lonewolf123: You have a point! I think zombie eyes would be decomposed too! I told Buddy! She wrote the post 😀

  8. @Werewolf967 heh heh. funny. makes me wonder if only a few people have such logic. so, are u a real werewolf or not?

  9. summerseave says:

    My eyes have allways changed from gray, blue, brown, green, and one that looks almost gold. I was wondering if anyone knew anybody who also has eye color like this or a sight that could give me some more info on it or at least what color they would be called.

  10. werewolf384 says:

    @taylor your sister may be one of us but depending on her age you will need to protect her

  11. Hunni says:

    My eyes are really nice dark brown almost black. Is that anything ?

  12. werewolf384 says:

    @hunni you are not a werewolf but you are the reason why Taylor must protect her little sister

  13. Argharna Welyn says:

    zombies could be like the flood from halo halo 2 and halo 3 so youd better watchout

  14. I have frosty blueish eyes in human form and werewolf form. werewolf eyes can be blue green or gold in wolf form.

  15. werewolf384 says:

    @elderwerewolf777 my eyes are the same; in human form they are frosty blueish eyes and on full moons or as a werewolf they turn green and gray with alittle gold.

  16. glitter says:

    Hi i am glitter my eyes turn bleu to gren to goldish in the middle aroud my pupil and i get strange dreams

  17. Mary says:

    I have a friend who’s eyes are like that. At our last day of school, this chick comes up to her and goes ” i like your eyes ” and i just give the chick the death stare. And in my mind im just like, yeah i like them too now back the F up

  18. Mary says:

    And in sixth grade she wrote a short story (it was an assignment) and it was about a fairy named glitter who got trapped in the fridge. then a person opened the door and glitter flew out of the window.

  19. Mary says:

    She has weird dreams too. She told me about this one where her and another one of our friends went to her fake island she had to create in english and then a bunch of thses creatures start attacking her and she finds a rainbow water fall, sprays water on them, they freeze, then i come out of no where and im an earth bender and i say i am hear to fight for my honor! and then she sprays me with the water and my head is still free. and then i say take me as your prisoner! and she does then a whole bunch of weird stuff happens after that

  20. wolf garrett says:

    Some of this is true but we are not based off of bullshit twilight or planit of the apes teen wolf we don’t show who or what we are too judgemental mankind and btw vamps eyes are not always red that only happens when you piss them off no there eyes are brown. Pitty dip shit. And werewolves do not have a specific eye color..
    Were do you get your info movies, tv well you should look around you to find the answers like go for a walk or some shit and stop offending the real deal.

  21. wolf says:

    my eyes get really dark blue and green

  22. wolf says:

    dos it mean i am vampire or werwolf

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