Horror Film Contest

Chiller TV released their contest to the public! The Task?! To produce and direct a short horror film within 5-8 minutes in length! Prizes will be given! The main prize being that the short will be broadcast on Chiller TV Halloween night! We made a short! Werewolf? You decide! We need your Vote! Please take a minute and give us your comment and your honest VOTE! Our Horror Film Short is called “Last Night” and can be found on page 12 of the contest page… I have provided the link for you, just look for the title, should be the last one on the linked page…..Thank you!!
Horror Fans Vote Now!
Attention Horror Fans!
top by ChillerTV and vote for the Horror Short Last Night!
Give it 5 skulls if you like it and leave a comment! No registration required. There are hundreds of other horror shorts to check out as well, so stop by and vote!

Click Here to watch the short and vote now!



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