Chupacabra, Baby Werewolf, or Hoax?

Is this a chupacabra? A hoax? A normal deformed animal? Or a baby werewolf as some seem to think? I think it is definitely not a baby werewolf due to the horns. The general concensus is that it is a mummified chupacabra, although many believe that it is simply a hoax. It was found in a barn in Chiapas, Mexico – a place common for sightings of the infamous chupacabra – aka Mexican Werewolf.   The only thing that was released for sure is that testing the DNA showed it did not match any known animal species.  Is it a real mexican werewolf?  Or a hoax?  You decide.

Real Chupacabra Sightings.




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74 Responses

  1. Silrath says:

    looks photoshopped (especially the horns, lol)

  2. windfang says:

    i think its a hoax cause…….. i know what a baby werewolf is okay.

  3. A Real Werewolf says:

    ok for one thing im only 15 and i know its fake because i know what a baby werewolf looks like and i did research about it for a school project

  4. Siberian Fox says:

    a real werewolf, i have beeen searching for proof for a year. do you have it?

  5. Kelthor says:

    Its a naturally mummified baby rat and someones just put horns on it either via photoshop or by physically sticking them on its head.

  6. Destiney says:

    I’m not sure. I am only 15, and nobody probably REALLY knows. I mean, Have you ever seen a REAL werewolf? I don’t think so. And I’m not trying to make anyone mad, but forreals, tell the truth!!! I am going purely on mythical creatures(whom of which I completley agree that no one knows for sure what lies in the dark, but I think that it is possible that it is true), that MAYBE(MAYBE) it is just a real werewolf. But who knows…

  7. Bella Fox xXThe Runaways RuleXx says:

    Haha looks like a dinosour. Actually the chuppacabra is more of a vampire because it sucks the blood out of helpless farm animals and pretty much anything else that gets in it’s way.

  8. Bella Fox xXThe Runaways RuleXx says:

    It’s soo cute!!!X)

  9. TaYlOr WoLf Of New says:

    that thing is not cute. it looks like a photo of a puppy with CGI. the horns are so not real.

  10. jo and me are one :P says:

    hehe its looks like a fossilized rodent

  11. Kari Wolf says:

    maybe its part demon. demons has horns its kind of cute poor pup

  12. Astyanax half demon of light says:

    nope, it aint part demon. demons are much more wilder and different than that thing and much more gross.

  13. Jeremy says:

    yea demons look alot more screwed up :O.

  14. Astyanax half demon of light says:

    lol. yep. even though i have one, i still think it aint going to be good lookin. lol

  15. soulwolf says:

    its a home-made plush toy i know cause i saw a button.

  16. crazy says:

    okay this looks super fake. ha wow. i am looking up werewolvs for a school project and this picture pops up ” Is it a Mexican werewolf” wow really really….

  17. lycan-in-love says:

    hoax. it looks photoshopped. weird creature though if its real.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Lee ann do you know what cute is THAT IS NOT CUTE only its mother could love it 😛

  19. Värlôc says:

    I even doubt that its own mother would love it! XD

  20. lee ann says:

    its adorable! what are u talking about?!

  21. wolf strap says:

    it is not a werwolf!!!!! to insinuate as such is nothing more than insulting.
    a werwolf is not born a werwolf, a human is turned, there has only ever been one baby werwolf and I asure you completely to find proof of a werwolf is to be its dinner. dont believe everything you see in holywood movies.
    There is a reason people are afraid of the dark by instinct, some things man is not meant to know!

  22. knowledge seeker says:

    its a baby pic of re searcha lol roflmao. i would put a hex on researcha but hes not worth the bad karma.

  23. knowledge seeker says:

    its a baby pic of re searcha lol roflmao.

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