chupacabra hybrid?

People have been asking about the Chupacabra sighting in Texas this past week, analysis has yet to be complete on the supposed legendary creature. Past results suggest that it could possibly be a hybrid animal of some sort and not the actual Chupacabra.

However, as more and more cases of mysterious creatures surface it is only a matter of time before the real animal, The Chupacabra, shows his face…

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Do you think this is the legendary Chupacabra?


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38 Responses

  1. knowledge seeker says:

    @researcha now u speak of ur self when u say wretched drop out. the only reason u know that a plane is a plane at any height is because it leaves a trail or it has lights dumb shiat. now u just proved u were never in the military or college u r naieve and very ignorant. if god existed nasa would have seen him.

  2. Aconissa says:

    So true Knowledge Seeker. And BTW Re-searcha, I didn’t say I believed that knowledge seeker’s friends say anything, but, as I always say, keep an open mind, so, I will not deny the possibility. Almost nothing is impossible. Don’t you EVER insult me! Don’t you say I am too emotional, cause if I was portraying my full emotions right now, there would suddenly a HELL of a lot of swearing on this site, you pig.

  3. longwolf says:

    hold up Researha i am not wolfwere thats my lil Bro and the thing i am trying to get is when you thing of man what do think of a average tall hansome looking man but what about a fat man or some who is malnourished there are different types of looks for man and for any other bloody kingdom Also the first person who seen a so call Dragon could be some species of dragon.And i dont get these descriptions of these animals from books or movies and images where i get them is classified

  4. knowledge seeker says:

    @ researcha u need to read the posts completely b4 u respond i never said all planes leave trails i said leave trails or have lights and also moany times u can hear them. u r very wrong about my age and my schooling i completed both highschool and college and i majored in hospitality management and entreprenuership u ignoramous. if smoke came out of its mouth it wouldnt be a trail it would be a cloud dumb shit unless it shiats fire out its arse while flying.also u cant use one set of rules to say that God exists but dismiss all other myths and legends using a whole different set of rules since God is also a myth and part of the supernatural world the same rules have 2 apply faith is a cop out not proof .

  5. longwolf says:

    calm down with the cussing man

  6. longwolf says:

    yo im in new york and ya know shit happens over here but this is get to be worse

  7. knowledge seeker says:

    lol sorry longwolf i just cant stand idiots like researcha what a joke. it just gets me angry when someone thinks they have all the answers when they so obviously dont. i will try to tone down the cussing for ur sake.

  8. longwolf says:

    na im ok with it because i you know in New york city and this is the city that shuold be name the city that shuoldnt be cursing

  9. longwolf says:

    i meant to spell that shouldnt not shuoldnt

  10. pklett91 says:

    researcha why do you fail at life?

  11. Storm says:

    That is not the correct pklett, his icon has a tanish tree looking dude, not a raisin

  12. pkletter92 says:

    raisin lmao…I guess your right f.uckin b.itches avatar should be a raisin

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