clothing required to shapeshift?

clothing required to shapeshift into a werewolfIt is interesting to note that in of the old stories about werewolves, it is said that the werewolf cannot transform back and forth from human to wolf simply at will, but rather they are dependent on clothing!

There are many different legends about what specifically needs to be worn and when…here are some of the most common.

Steal a werewolf’s clothing and he/she is stuck in werewolf form….
Specifically, it has been said that while werewolves can transform from human to werewolf without any external aid, to do the reverse (shift from werewolf to human), they must have their clothing!  Therefore, if you steal a werewolf’s clothing, the werewolf will not be able to transform back into human form.  The best known story about this is the story of Bisclavret.

Unable to transform without wearing a pelt…
Another example of shapeshifters needing a piece of clothing to shift is the legend of the “skin-walker”.  These Native American legends claim that in order to transform, a human must wear the pelt of an animal…without, they will not be able to shapeshift.  (I know, not exactly an article of clothing, but close!)

Unable to transform without a special belt!
And then there is perhaps one of the most famous examples  – the legends that say that in order to transform into a werewolf you must wear a special belt (often Peter Stubbe’s belt is referenced).






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8 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    Really? Pfffttt….. Why need clothing anyway? When I transform I just rip my clothes out.

  2. Madd Dogg says:

    colthes please i am a human and i rather go in my black silk boxers then fully dressed any day and that way its easier to practice my pole dancing

  3. dirty Al says:

    Your a f****** while if you don’t need clothes

  4. Wild River says:

    I dont think we need to wear certain clothes to shift, that would be a bit wierd…

  5. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @dirty Al: I have been pole more then once and its not my last and I am PROUD of it all! and I could go on and on

  6. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @dirty Al: and say what you will i have been called worse by myself

  7. I have changed once without having to have certain clothes

  8. I have only actly changed once and it hurt incredibly I wish I was never a werewolf if there is a way to be a human again I would like to know. if there is not then when I get stronger I will kill the wolf who made me what I am now

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