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CocoRosie released a song titled “werewolf” which debuted in 2007 on the third album of the musical groups releases. The title of the American born singers album that the song Werewolf released on was called, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn. The voice and tempo of the song are very dramatic and seem very emotional… listen to the song… is the intention for CocoRosie to be a werewolf?

The song and the lyrics of Werewolf by CocoRosie are very interesting, it begins with “In a dream I was a werewolf,” and mentions a “western vampire.” The lyrics need some interpretation of what was happening in the life of the singers at the moment they wrote the song, here are some of the lyrics to Werewolf.

Cosorosie’s Lyrics: Werewolf

In a dream I was a werewolf
My soul was filled with crystal light
Lavender ribbons of rain sang
Ridding my heart of mortal fight
Broken sundown fatherless showdown
Gun hip swollen lip bottle sip yeah i suck dick
Loose grip on gravity falls sky blinding crumbling walls
River sweep away my memories of
Children’s things a young mother’s love
Before the yearning song of flesh on flesh
Young hearts burst open wounds bleed fresh
A young brother skinny and tall my older walks
Oceanward and somber, slumber sleeping
Flowers in the water, but I’m just his daughter
Walking down an icy grave leading to my
Schizophrenic father. Weeping willow won’t you wallow louder
Searching for my father’s power
I’m a shake you off though
Get up on that horse and
Ride into the sunset
Look back with no remorse
He’s a black magic wielder some say a witch
Wielded darkness when he was wilein’ on his mom’s
And born child he was the bastard the that broke
Up the marriage evil doer doing evil from a baby carriage
he was born with the same blue eyes
Crystal ships dripping with ice, diamonds coruscate
In the night fireworks electric bright
And now he’s got his own two sons
Trys to hide his tears in a world of fun
But loveless bedrooms filled with doom
Bring silent heartache July to June
Swoon over new young hot flame
Mourn the memories later
Laugh now alligator
In a dream my father came to me
And made me swear that I’d keep
What’s sacred to me
And if i get the choice to live in his name
I’ll pray my way through the rain
Singing oh happy day
I don’t mean to close the door
But for the record my heart is sore
You blew through me like bullet holes
Left stains on my sheets and stains on my soul
You left me broke down begging for change
Had to catch a ride with a man who’s deranged
He had your hands and my father’s face
Another western vampire
Different time same place
I has dreams that brings me sadness
Rain much deeper than a river
Sorrow flow through me
Tiny waves of shivers
Corny movies make me reminisce
They break me down easy on this generic love shit
First kiss frog and princess
I’m a shake you off though
Get up on that horse and
Ride into the sunset
Look back without remorse

What type of werewolf is CocoRosie singing about on this album? Is it only that she had a dream of being a werewolf?



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    yay new eyes now i can stop walking into traffic ^^

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    hey, anyone on now?

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    woot woot! i actually feel like i have to pin my eyelids open today though blehhh

  5. Dynomutt says:

    You know, no matter how many times I listen to this song, it makes me cry every time.

  6. Aconissa says:

    Actually its better than I thought… now that I listen to all of it 🙂

  7. lee ann says:

    idk why it makes u cry its a personal thing i guess

  8. Dynomutt says:

    Yeah. The emotion in the song is just really overpowering to me for some reason.

  9. lee ann says:

    thats like kinda weird sorry crying to me is.. weird…

  10. Dynomutt says:

    Well, really random things tend to make me cry 😛

  11. jäÿ says:

    Pardon me it is violent

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    im going to shower then im going to lie in bed not going to say sleep because i havent done that for awhile plus i really hate this hair cut F_UCK just remembered i left my brandnew sweater in the garage uughhhhhhh -.x

  13. Lunar says:

    I have this song. Ironically I was looking for it on an ap I have on my phone and I stumbled across this site when one of your podcasts came through. I searched your site up due to the podcast. Despite certain people, I’m glad I did.

  14. Kevkas says:

    word r great. musicly, it sucks

  15. onixe11 says:

    this is my favorite song!

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