Colin Farrell Vampire in Fright Night

Colin Farrell is said to be cast as a vampire in an upcoming remake of the movie Fright Night.

Fright Night was an 80s horror film about a family that moves in next door to Charley Brewster.  Charley sees the neighbors bring a coffin in their house, and sees the neighbor bite the neck of a visitor.  He comes to believe that the neighbor is a vampire and tries to expose him for what he is.

Unlike vampires of today, the vampire in Fright Night is not a beautiful romantic hero.  It will be interesting to see if after the movie is released this changes the perception of vampires at all.  I don’t know that it will as humans have fallen in love with the vampire since the release of Twilight.  To humans, vampires are romantic creatures that everyone would want to be.  The Fright Night movie is unlikely to change that perceptionn – with or without an actor like Colin Farrell in the lead role.

Will Colin Farrell make a good vampire?  Quite possibly.  He has played interesting and varied parts (including Alexander, Miami Vice, Phone Booth, and even Scrubs) so should at least have the talent to make an interesting character. Farrell is Irish, so I wonder if they will have him keep his Irish accent or if he will effect a more Americanized one?



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  1. Destinee says:

    What do it feels like to get bit by a vampire?

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