control the werewolf

Creating control. I can create control. I cannot control the actions of others around me, but I can control my actions, my transformations. I transform my actions into a control that will create a control of the actions around me. To control your transformation look to control your actions, it is there, you just have to create it to be able to control it. Transformations are best when you can control your actions.  Train your mind



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  1. Argentus Lupus says:

    Be carefull! The herb wolfsbane is poisonous!

  2. steven says:

    ya i know ima us magic 2 help and i want 2 control myself wen i turn i dont want 2 kill the ones i love

  3. sabrefang says:

    and wolfsbane wont help it is a simulation of help what you need to do is learn how to control yourself

  4. Carly says:

    WOlfsbane is nasty stuff, Tastes like pestisides. When i am about to change and i can, i run away. I was in seventh grade and started changing in the middle of the hall- just mentally but i knew it would escalate- so i ditched the school and ran into a nearby swamp.

  5. Carly says:

    Another instance, i witnessed my human boyfriend cheating on me and i was so close to changing into a wolf. I knew that if i didn’t control myself i would have killed her.

  6. Argentus Lupus says:

    Please don’t use magic, Steven. Rarely does it not come back to haunt you.

  7. sabrefang says:

    Wolfsbane can be very dangerous I recommend you to be careful.

  8. JesusChrist says:

    ok who ever said they need wolfsbane to control your werewolf side DO NOT DO IT!! wolfsbane is poisons to humans but to werewolf it extermaly deadly.
    trust me, to calm yourself listen to calming music lay down or go outside and chill. i have had the same problem try eating some rare meat or something.

  9. sabrefang says:

    wow JC that was some good advice

  10. JesusChrist says:

    ive been there and i learned this from a good friend who i count as my second father and hes been able to control his werewolf side for years. he taught me everything i know before he died.

  11. Argentus Lupus says:

    I am sad for your loss, JC

  12. sabrefang says:

    Know JC that Argentus and I are here to help and when you need to talk you know where you can find us

  13. JesusChrist says:

    yea well ive had many deaths in my family so i get over it pretty quicky

  14. Silent Strike says:

    Nothing ever truly dies JC.
    Remember that.

  15. JesusChrist says:

    accually how do we even know if we are real. go watch the movie the “13th floor” and you’ll know what im talkin about.

  16. Silent Strike says:

    You have msn quitmeyer something can you talk on that?

  17. JesusChrist says:

    i have msn and windows live mess. but every time i try to get on it it shuts down my computer, ill be on later i gotta go to school.

  18. Silent Strike says:

    Ok ttyl

  19. Argentus Lupus says:

    Somethings, Silent Strike, are far, far worse than death. Far worse.

  20. sabrefang says:

    Living with only half of a life is one.

  21. help please says:

    ok i’m turning 15 in like 7 months and i’m having crazy thing happen like my eyes change when angry or hungry. i feel strang when i’m angry like i have the strangth to rip somebody to shreds. if any body at all has a theory please email me at – edited*

  22. Snow Angel says:


  23. help please says:

    i asked nicely ^_^

  24. Snow Angel says:

    i’ll help. ask specificaly what your question is

  1. February 6, 2009

    […] on that. Possibly some have achieved to control to which side they will turn, this is up to you to achieve the control. But what I want you to become aware of is the possibility of while trying transform you have an […]

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