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Halloween is almost here so for those of you who are still looking for costume ideas to dress up as, here are some last minute suggestions. The easiest costume idea is to use a mask. You can use makeup, or opt for a plastic halloween mask. The best costume masks are the scary ones – especially the “monster” type masks. Here are some good plastic mask options that should not be too difficult to find in a halloween store like Party City.

Jeepers Creepers
The Jeepers Creepers Costume and Mask is an excellent choice. The mask is half human-half monster, almost like Freddy Krueger. Terrifying in it’s own right – add a hat and a long trench coat and your costume is set.

Jason Voorhees
Another popular / traditional costume idea is the Jason Voorhees Mask and Costume. To make this, all you really need is a hockey mask, any old dark clothing will do for the rest of the outfit.

Michael Myers..

Another traditional favorite, the Michael Myers mask would just entail getting a plan man’s face with brown hair coming out of it and holes cut for the eyes. The mask looks strangely and oddly scary even though it is so simple. Finish out your costume idea with a black shirt and black pants and you’re done.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also share with you the wide variety of costume ideas for werewolf lovers. There are plenty of werewolf masks for halloween that you can choose from. They come in colors from the white werewolf to black to brown, and come in styles from friendly to scary, and from very wolf-like, to human-like, to demon-like.



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  1. jay says:

    Why not go as a human LOL since they seem to like being werewolves and other creatures why not fight back and imitate them.

  2. me says:

    hehe definitely…

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