Costume Wolf Tail that MOVES by itself!

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen – a mechanical wolf tail that moves by itself! The costume piece straps around the waste with a belt, then moves based on movements from your legs, hips, or shoulders depending on how the tail is designed. The end result is natural tail movement when you walk – or even when you are standing, depending on how it’s operated – that looks eerily real. The tail movement is so realistic and unexpected that it’s really hard to stop looking at it as it sways back and forth, shakes, or pulls up.

While some people use the animatronic wolf tail as an addition to a halloween costume, others use it during the rest of the year to express themselves, and sometimes simply to have fun. Most of the mechanical wolf tales are handmade. A selection of videos is below showing different types of tails in use from different angles, while the last one shows how to make one yourself.

Here’s a really good video showing a moving tail. The wearer associates different positions with different moods, just as a wolf might.

Someone walking around with a mechanical tail on – you can see the natural movement as she walks…

A better view of a wolf tail moving by itself…

This moving costume tail is controlled by the shoulders…

Here’s a pretty good video that shows how to make the animatronic wolf tail, step-by-step.



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8 Responses

  1. DarkWolf says:

    Wow, how do u get 1?

  2. Jasper cub says:

    In the last video that shows how to make the tail where can I get those leaves and what size drill do I use and last what type of string or wire is that if anyone knows please email me at [email protected] please

  3. Lucy says:

    I have to make one of these!

  4. Is there a w or someone who sells this type of stuff on eBay I’ve been trying to get my hands on something like that for a whileebsite where I can buy this

  5. sherry price says:

    hello I like to know if I can purchase this cat tail from you possibly you could make one for me my name is surely please email me back if you can thank you

  6. brie kalwasinski says:

    how can i get/make one?

  7. TheCosplayerMoka says:

    I must have link to who makes the robotic tail that moves :3 I must need it for MGRR (Metal Gear Rising)

  8. Chaos says:

    The video of how to make one yourself is gone.

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