Crocotta – huge wolf creatures of ethiopian legends


Depiction of a crocotta

The crocotta is a creature that has been compared to the werehyena. It is said to be a very large dog-wolf creature with supernatural powers. Popular in the legends of Ethiopia, the crocotta are said to have originated in Ethiopia, but have also been sighted in other hot places such as Texas and Oklahoma.

The crocotta are described as being extremely large creatures (the size of a small horse) that look like huge dogs. They are said to have spotted or striped fur like a tiger, the head of a hyena, a mane like a horse, the tail of a lion, and cloven hooves like that of a goat. It is said that they can mimic the human voice and that they use this talent to falsely cry for help, luring humans to their death. In some cases, the voice that the crocotta mimics is even one that is familiar to the victim.

The crocotta are also said to have some “magical” abilities, including if its shadow falls on a dog, the dog is struck dumb, and also if it stares at someone three times, then the person it stares at cannot move. They are also said to have some basic telepathic powers.



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